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How to Wear DIY: Bold black and white jacket

Today's How to Wear DIY... I know you wanna see how I've been wearing this jacket, inspired by one of your Sewing Circle questions!

If you don't remember the story, check back on that post for the inspiration and my recommendations.  I ended up using a great bold stripe, 100% cotton 7 oz. home dec fabric from Premiere Prints and it's been great to wear!!  The perfect weight for spring, too.

Here it is!  Paired with my brightest yellow tank and some also bright jeans... going for bold, I guess!
Jeans: Mystery brand via Goodwill (similar, similar). Tank: Forever 21. Necklace: Anne Klein/JC Penney (similar).
Wedges: Kenneth Cole circa like 2002 (similar, similar). Jacket: DIY!

Update: because I love Everybody Everywear, and because we didn't know this month's challenge until the last minute, and because I am neon-challenged... I'm submitting this post for the neon challenge!  My yellow tank isn't quite neon, but it is bright... and we all just do our best to fit the criteria every month.  you understand, right? ;)

Neon | Everybody, Everywear


  1. That is such a cute outfit!

  2. You are so cute! Love the jacket and heels!

  3. That outfit looks great with the jacket! And, how is your bun so perfect? Is that a sock bun?

    1. Thanks!! Haha, it's a hair donut that I got on eBay for $1. Looove it, so easy!

  4. Oh your jacket is just gorgeous, love the whole outfit and esp your hair bun! x

  5. Your pants with the t-shirt can be considered neon combination. The outfit looks great!



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