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The year of the wedge?

Allow me to share my enthusiasm for wedges this year.  I know they've been around for ages, and we've probably all had them since sometime in high school, but this year I just feel like they're everywhere and making everything look cuter.

So I've been seeing them around in mags, on people, on blogs, on Pinterest, and in stores of course, and let me preface by saying I have some SERIOUS shoe DIY's planned... I'm talking, a minimum of two wedge makeovers.  We'll see how adventurous I get.

But, until I finish and post about my wedge projects (open to your ideas, BTW! How would you make some over?) I thought I'd share some inspirations!

Tan with white jeans...

Tan with colored jeans (such a great neutral! Summer's answer to patent nude pumps!)...

BRIGHT wedges!

Red and tan wedges...

Love the casual look of black on these!

Liz makes skinny jeans look so cute with her curvy wedges...

They even go with shorts...

NOW, for the shopping!  I've been poking around online having lots of fun getting more wedge inspiration.  Here are some faves...

Here are some actual nude wedges, very elongating for the legs ;):

Jessica Simpson, her stuff always has such fun shape!

Love these from Target... a great shape! So flattering, I bet!

How about these bright colorblock wedges from Old Navy?

Basically, it seems to me that a pair of tan wedges and a pair of bright ones are essentially staples for this summer.  I have a couple pairs I really dig... and like I said, I hope to be DIY improving a couple more!

Have you done any wedge upgrades at all?  Inspire to get anything new this summer??


  1. I love wedge shoes, they are so much more easy to walk in than heels, and they look so cute :) I have one pair, but they are kind of high (they make me about 6 foot, and most of my friend are shorter than me) so I don't wear them as much as I would like to.


    1. Haha. I'm taller than most of my friends too but I like to wear heels and wedges out on dates with my husband!

  2. Those are all so cute, I also love the wedges from TOMS, some really cute brights and prints there. I wish I could wear them, but I have such high arches in my feet that wedges give me foot cramps because they don't flex at all (unlike heels or flats) when you step. :(

    1. TOMS does have great wedges, I remember those! Good to know they're not super comfy...

  3. also in love with wedges! i need more in my life. i work in a pretty formal office, though, so i have a hard time justifying stocking up on cute, fun ones.

    1. Yeah, I can't wear them to work, either. =(

  4. LOVE them! They're so comfy for me and I feel like I can get away with wearing them more often than regular heels at work because they're a bit more casual and not so much LOOK AT ME HOOKER SHOES, know what I mean?

  5. They are all adorable! I just purchased an adorable pair of Tom's strappy canvas wedges in red. :) They are lovely- except for the fact that I fell TWICE while in Whole Foods the first day that I wore them (in a vintage hawaiian print dress, to boot). It was so embarrassing. I think it is because the unworn sole could not stand up (literally) to the super slick tiled floors. I have two very nice bruises on my knees to show for it! But I still love my wedges. :)

    1. Interesting to hear! TOMS wedges are super cute though!

  6. I ADORE wedges, yes, a step above love, LOL! Height and STABILITY especially on grass or pebbles, very important quality. I've been buying them A LOT, LOL! Those purple above, swoon!!! (the number of exclamation points are directly proportional to my emotional state when faced with wedges, as you can see)

  7. DO you think those red and tan wedges would be the right color to go with the dress you blogged about yesterday? How cute would THAT be? Hmmmm a makeover idea?



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