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Wahoo!! Leather-trimmed tee tutorial, totally easy.

You can totally do this, people!  This may be the easiest tutorial I've ever done, and it's one of the coolest, too!  IMHO. ;)

So, I was inspired by this (sort of mod, a little too edgy for me) tee from Zara.  I don't normally wear super long short sleeved, loose, open neck tees like this one, but I thought the leather trim idea was a good one--fun and sort of odd juxtaposition between soft tee and edgy leather-ness!

While Google Images searching, I also found this one--perhaps an earlier season Zara?

So you get the picture.  Now I'm gonna show you how to do this to one of your own tees!  Warning: This tutorial is SUPER simple!  I won't waste your time with too many words, but you can follow along with the pics and some simple steps.
  • Start with a t-shirt.  This is an old one from Target that always gets super stretched out when I wear it, so I feel too sloppy in it.  Might be perfect for this look, though!
  • Get some small pieces of faux leather.  It comes in alllll colors at JoAnn, and is often on the clearance shelves--and you need soooo little, it should be very cheap.  Cut it into the shapes you want.  I had this narrow strip left over from a purse handle, so it was already sort of small--if I'd had raw materials I might have preferred pieces more like 3-4" wide.
  • Place the pieces where you want them. I went for shoulder caps, sort of military-inspired, and the front pocket area (covering up an existing tiny pocket, actually!
  • Using a leather needle, sew through the faux leather.  All the way around on the shoulder pieces, just the bottom 3 sides on the pocket.  **Note that faux leather doesn't want to be pinned, so either use some double sticky tape to make it stay or just hold it really well.
  • Done!!  Wear and feel like a bad a**.  Kidding.  It does feel sort of edgy, though!!

How cool am I? ;)

See?  I told you, sooooooooo easy.  Great first or beginning sewing project, and great way to make an old tee more exciting.  Have fun!


  1. totally easy indeed, thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous5/24/2012

    awesome! This completely dresses up a regular ole t-shirt. I'm glad I read this!

  3. Really cute! Great idea!

  4. Anonymous8/24/2012

    I love the idea of leather patches but I wonder how you wash the cotton shirt afterwards?

  5. I LOVE this so much! Defiantly trying this on my blog I'll credit you for sure!



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