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Sewing Circle: Lovely lace and sheer blouse with piecing

Sewing Circle again! This time's a blouse, not a dress, and a very interesting one at that!  Megan asked...

Q: I've seen this really cool white top that I would love to make myself, but can't find a pattern... Anything similar would be appreciated!

Source: nastygal.com via Megan on Pinterest

A: Hello Megan,

That blouse is super pretty. I’ve never seen a pattern exactly like it, but the good news is you can use any old pattern and do the piecing (the lace) before you cut it out, to get the same look. Or, you can look around for a pattern for a loose top with lots of interesting yokes, piecing, etc. Here are my picks:

Simplicity 6077. Easy and possibly the closest. Use lace where you want it.

New Look 6871. Also could get a similar look, even has a bit of a v-neck on one yoke. 

McCall's M6398. Also very close. Just cut the whole thing much looser! Add some puffs to the sleeves below the bicep.

Maaaybe McCall's M5666, but it's a bit of a stretch.  Pun not intended, because it looks like it works well with knits.

Luckily loose tops like that are pretty easy to play around with and they’ll still fit, so you can get a little creative once you find a base pattern. I think the important part is to mix in the pretty sheer fabric or lace!

Hey, readers, are you inspired to mix lace and cotton for this kind of top?!  Have you seen a pattern that would be easier to use to get the look??


  1. To be honest this looks like a simple rectangle top. A bit loose on the hips and follow that size all the way up. Add rectangle sleeves and cuff them slightly with some bias. Cut a wide v-neckline and face it. Keep pulling th top back over your shoulders or wear it off on one side. Insert lace anywhere you want it. Cherrie

    1. Sounds good! You're brave, though--I'd probably have to use at least an existing top as a pattern. Would be a fun project!

  2. that is really pretty! i think i like mccalls m6398 the best. it's not the same as the pinterest one but it's also really cool!

    1. True--not an exact copy but definitely the same feel.



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