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Sewing Circle: Is there a pattern for a super simple knit skirt?

Okay, guys, so Sewing Circle this week has a real live project attached to it!

Totally coincidental that when Kayla emailed me about this kind of skirt, I had just made one myself!  So read on--I got this Sewing Circle email from Kayla:

Q: I've been loving these new body con skirts that are coming into the spring/summer season this year, but a lot of them are expensive in my opinion. I enjoy sewing and love reading your blog. Do you know if there is a pattern similar to these kind of skirts and what kind of fabric I should use?
Forever 21
Forever 21
And I had seriously just put one together myself!

So it was easy to reply!

A: Hi Kayla,
How funny that you should write me about this—I just made myself a skirt a lot like those, without using a pattern, actually. My advice is that you don’t need a pattern but can just trace from an existing miniskirt, adding to the sides, top, and bottom for seam allowance and hem. You’ll need some elastic to put into a casing for the waistband, and perhaps a ballpoint needle if you use a very stretchy fabric.

I used a 100% cotton knit, and didn’t need to do much special to it—used a straight stitch, even. Check out my Sewing Circle post about sewing on knits for more knit tips.

I’ve also seen a tutorial for basically the same idea, but a longer length. You could do something like this but add an elastic waist casing.

Here's mine on me!  Easy to wear by itself because the knit is thick enough, it doesn't show bumpiness through it--so definitely don't use something too thin.

I made it out of a cotton knit I had sitting around from a failed open-front cardi project.  From like, years ago.  It was a sad story.  But, I still had a good amount of this knit, and was able to do some piecing and make it look like a design detail (the hem band).  I used a vintage 80's wide elastic belt for the inside of the waistband.  It's cornflower blue, but no one will ever know. ;)

I didn't use a pattern; I just cut around an old J.Crew mini and added some length.  So it doesn't have any darts or anything, but for a knit it works just fine!

Hey readers, have you made any basic knit skirts like this recently?  Have any great tips or know any great tutorials??


  1. Anonymous5/22/2012

    Super cute! I could see myself living in a skirt like this during the summer months. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! Yep, mine is definitely comfy and practical for summer!

  2. If Kayla is not confident enough to sew without a pattern, she could try Jalie 2920...with the bonus that the pattern includes leggings.


    1. Looks like that would be a great pattern, and perfect for knits!

  3. You are looking like a straight up supermodel in these posts! Love the skirt--especially love how casual and summery it is. I must try this soon.

  4. i love this type of simple skirts! Also, if Kayla wants to make a pattern, she can use this series: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB9BBFEA5F8E33B65&feature=plcp, the steps are well explained and you could use a knit fabric for this skirt too. i'm going to make myself one of these very soon i think, they're just perfect for summer :)



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