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My Saturday morning has been awesome.

I don't normally do "here's what I did this weekend" posts, but the past few hours have been soooo awesome, I just had to share.

My husband's working most of the weekend, but I have good plans to head out to my parents' place and help my mom with some fun things, so I'm keeping busy.  I'm also going appliance-shopping for our new house!

But this morning, I woke up earlier than I do on weekdays, just so excited to start doing fun things for my blog, new house, summer wardrobe... etc.  Oh, the plan so far is also to go on a run.  (I'll let you know via Twitter if that ends up happening. ;))

What has happened so far has been a lot of fun and much-needed downtime!  So far, last night and this morning, I have...

1.  Finally made the plunge and ordered a serious upgrade for my camera. Heard nothing but good things about this affordable and essential 50mm lens. If you don't have one yet, apparently you need one, too!

2.  Done lots of pinning.  Like, caught up on my pinning for the week!  I'm in love with some of my new pins... like:

Source: jcrew.com via Suzannah on Pinterest

3.  Felt pretty smug that I watched (and retweeted) the live lip dub proposal (it happened in Portland!!) before most of the world because I follow NPR's pop culture blog Monkey See on Twitter.  (Just found the blog's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcasts, and am totally hooked!  Listened to the entire archive on my NPR News app.)

4.  Gotten totally inspired to make jewelry, which is seriously a first (first in like 6 years, at least) because of the easy style and tutorials of Andrea's blog For the Love of.  This one was on Making it Lovely and led me to go though like, all of Andrea's blog.

I'm planning to hit up JoAnn's later today (Memorial Day sale! What-what?!) and will DEF have to check out the beads section.  Normally I am so intimidated by jewelry-making, but Andrea's simple tips and lovely photos got me all inspired!

4.  Actually read some of my Glamour mag.  I only get a few magazines, and I loooove them, but I never have time to read!

5.  Joined GoodReads.com.  I'm seriously trying to read more, and I love the idea of this site... helps you remember what you've read, for one, and lets you check out recommendations from friends and just other people who like what you like.  I need to make my husband join so I can read his recommendations and remember what books he's like and not liked.  He reads waaaay more than I do and I am so impressed!  (I've also been getting lots of book recs from Pop Culture Happy Hour, and want to remember them!)  Do you have GoodReads??  Find me if you wanna be friends!

Unfortunately, I have not yet done some of the writing I was hoping to do... or answered a couple emails... but I think I'll have time later this lovely 3-day weekend!

P.S. The summery tote bag or scarf giveaway from Ooh Baby Designs ends tonight, so be sure to enter if you haven't yet!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. oh my, thats the sweetest, most amazing proposal ever! I nearly cried :'D

    thank you so much for posting it!


  2. What an amazing proposal! I love it!

  3. OMG those video is really completed my day!I drop little my tears so amazing proposal ...I am really touched!

  4. Amazing coincidence! I bought that very lens today! It's my first, I've been playing with it all day and am very impressed.

    1. Oh, cool, we will both learn very soon, I'm sure! Can't wait till mine arrives. I wanna play with AV setting and get blurry backgrounds!

  5. First, that video was amazing! Tears in my eyes right now! Thank you for sharing! And second, thank you for your kind words and for featuring my blog. I so appreciate it! XOXO

    1. Yes! OMG I had so much fun on your blog. Love your pics and colors and projects, so glad I rediscovered it!

  6. nice the second dress!




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