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How to Wear DIY: The summer box!

It's not summer yet, but we've had some ammmaaaaaazing weekends recently and some not-too-shabby weekdays, too.  That means I'm pulling things out of the summer box!

One such item was this skirt that I made last year of a sort of vintage 90's? home dec-ey cotton my mom had left over from something, made up in a vintage 70's Butterick pattern.  I love the colors!

Paired it with a soft, loose tee and my cool new painted chain necklace--both Forever 21 goodies.

And my fave, fave lightweight denim shirt.  I think I need another one of these, because I wear this one alllll the time.  Would be nice to mix it up a little!
 Flats and denim shirt: Target via Goodwill (similar shirt). Bag: Old Navy. 
Necklace and tee: Forever 21. Skirt: DIY!

Have you pulled anything out of the spring/summer box yet??


  1. I'm currently living in South Texas from March to June, so the only clothes I brought were summer clothes.


    1. Wow, you get summer earlier than many of us! Enjoy it!

  2. I love the length of the skirt! And I agree, the lightweight denim shirt does look good with everything.

    1. Thanks! It is definitely different than I'm used to. I do looove the denim!



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