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House progress! Getting very exciting...

Can't wait to share the latest on our house progress!!  It's getting to the really exciting part.

So, we visit it every weekend, and since you saw it last, here's what's been happening...

They got the roof on. Very important.
(Both back views)

Then, we got to go inside!!

Basement-level bonus room...

My kitchen window!

Upstairs hall-ish area...

View of the golf course out the master suite window...

Walk-in closet!!

Then, the next weekend, we had windows and doors!

Ours is the one with the pile of boards in the garage.

Then, we drove by and it had SIDING!  This is another big step!

Then... drumroll.... we got to go to the "design center" and pick out our finishes.  I've been waiting for this part for a long time, but it was a little disappointing.  They didn't have quite as many options to choose from as I'd liked.  Cabinets, carpet, etc.  But we've thought about it and figured out which things we care enough about to upgrade a little!  And we liked this builder in particular because they're a smaller, local company and insist in using a lot of higher quality materials.  They only do wood floors, granite and stainless steel come standard, everything is very energy-efficient, all that.

We are choosing to pay extra for them to paint the whole place a color of our choosing rather than the basic tan.  It'll have a slightly more personal look in a cooler shade of my fave palate, rather than the warmer/Tuscan look the builder tends to go with.  Don't worry, though, still lovely and pale and neutral/versatile!

I was there just this weekend and it's not looking too different yet, although it was cool to be in the house when it has the windows in... I can start to imagine what it'll be like to live there!

Looks like we'll be moving in sometime in mid-July.  It cannot come soon enough!!!!!!!!

Oh--and I've got to share--I've already started shopping.  I found this lamp on Target.com on clearance for $31!!!  Regularly $125, what a great sale.

It looks like those cool tripod lamps at West Elm, for $250.  But this Target one is great.  Metal legs instead of wood but the cord goes through the leg so it's hidden, love that.  It comes in a bunch of colors, too.

Oooh--I just noticed Target also has a tabletop version!  Wonder how many tripod lamps are too many in a 1,600 square foot house.... ;)

Cannot wait to decorate this place. Wow.


  1. Wow, the house really is coming along, isn't it? You can't wait to move in, and I can't wait to see all the pictures! Anxious to know how you will decorate your new place!

  2. Having lived w/ stainless steel appliances for a year I've decided never ever again. They are such a pain to get clean.

  3. It´s looking good, I bet you can´t wait to move in and decorate to your taste, it´s so exciting to have a new house.

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  5. Target also has this beaut: http://www.target.com/p/Home-LAMP-BASE-surveyor/-/A-13082800 (it looks much better than the shadeless picture would suggest). The legs adjust to multiple heights, too. Kind of an older, telescope-inspired version of the modern ones you linked to. My parents and I each have one :)

    1. Oh, wow, that is so cool!!! Wish I had seen it, too--maybe I need both! =)



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