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How to Wear DIY: Weekend uniform

You may remember this vest that I gave new life to by adding a drawstring waist.  Made it much more flattering, I think, on me!  Anyway, since I remade it, I've found it to be an essential part of my weekend wardrobe.  Seriously, the past several weekends it's made an appearance, and is great for this time of year when it's not quite spring yet but we are all SO tired of winter.  And winter-ey clothes.

Speaking of which.  This week included forecasts of both snow showers (Tuesday) and highs of 70 (today). Thanks, Oregon.  So, we all have a chance to wear the end-of-winter pieces, like in this outfit, and the springier things (I'll have to let you know if I break any of those out this weekend!).  But, I'm not holding my breath for lots of sunshine, so this vest make come out of the closet again.  I love the versatility!

Fun fact about this outfit?  Those jeans, I bought at American Eagle on clearance in 2003.  Seriously.  They're bootcut and not quite long enough, which is why I normally cuff them when I wear them, or tuck them into boots like I did here!  They weren't the best jeans for this look, really, but I was feeling nostalgic.  ;)
Tee: BP Nordstrom via Goodwill. Jeans: AE, from high school! Watch also AE.
Boots: Steve Madden. Necklace: Forever 21. Vest: DIY! Made-over Olive Olivia via eBay

Here's hoping for some nice weather this weekend!  But, you never know; I may be wearing this vest as part of my weekend uniform again tomorrow.

Do you have any fave pieces for this awkward, transitional time of year??


  1. Love the outfit--jeans included!

  2. Cute! I love your lipstick. It really snazzes up your outfit! :D

    1. Thanks! I thought it needed something extra ;)

  3. Anonymous3/09/2012

    I love the lipstick! It really adds a pop of color and interest

  4. I really love the outfit that you have on. I definitely would wear something similar. And great job on the vest!

  5. The vest is adorable with the neutral colors but you really set it off with the lovely bright nails and lipstick. Awesome

    1. Thanks! It is fun to strike a balance with soft colors and then a limited amount of brights!



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