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I made... a necklace! So proud.

I pretty much never make jewelry anymore, which is kind of sad... I used to, but now I don't even know where my beading stuff is, and I don't know what I'd make if I did have time to sit down in front of a period costume drama on a Sunday afternoon... those were the days, Christmas break home from college... siiigh...

But, I'm very proud of myself for FINALLY finishing a jewelry project I've wanted to do for more than a year. The sad story is, I had this great J.Crew bracelet that I used to wear all the time, seriously loved it.  Here I am wearing it on a birthday a few years ago. (I look so young!)

Point being, See the cool, sort of transparent beads and gold rhinestone-ey thing on my wrist??

One day, 'cuz I wore it alllll the time, while I was in a slanty parking lot, the elastic broke and all the beads scattered.  I did my best to pick them up, but I lost quite a few!  So, when I bought this necklace kit on Etsy sort of on a whim (I figured, it's a set, so you have all the pieces you need right there--how can you go wrong?), I decided to use the few beads I had left instead of the pearly ones.

So one day last week, while watching a HIMYM episode with the husband, I pulled out the pliers and whipped this baby out!  Wanna see?

It worked out almost perfectly!

Aren't those beads awesome?  And the little rhinestone-ey things.

I like the length a lot, too--not as long as I'm used to, but that's a good thing, I think.

I was able to do a pattern and everything.  I was short about one bead, unfortunately, so there's one bare spot, but I'll call that the back.

The project was so fun and easy, it made me want to make jewelry more often.  But I'm sure if I ordered all the supplies it would take me another year and a half to actually do the project.  It's not part of my routine.  But I do like it!

You readers are all so creative and talented, I'm sure some of you make jewelry in addition to your other crafty pursuits!  What are some great projects for beginners to start with?


  1. Very cute! Pretty beads too! I have a jewelry lesson series going on on my blog for beginners: http://www.mygirlishwhims.blogspot.com/search/label/Jewelry%20Lessons

  2. I love the pattern - I never would have thought to have two so close and then only one - it's so adorable!

  3. Looks lovely! The only thing I manage are earings. Everything else takes too much time and I get bored. :o)

    Have a nice day!

  4. I have made jewelry for some time now. I think a great way to begin is to look around on etsy maybe, and search for inspiration. You can also see which materials you will need for the project.
    You can Google for online bead stores. The basic pieces you will need for beading are wire in your favourite colour and beads, and chain if you want to. Also it is wise to invest in round tongs and cutting tongs (if that's how they are called)

  5. This is such a great idea! It's simple, but very elegant and becoming. I have given so much thought to making my own jewelry, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. This might just be the inspiration I need. Thanks for sharing and cannot wait to see how you wear your new piece!


  6. I love your blog and the different outfits so cute

    Follow me


  7. I love the necklace!



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