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How to Wear DIY: Lovely lacy top for daytime

I was totally stoked to wear this tank that I made over the other week--I think it's one of my coolest upcycles in a long time!  In fact, I wish I had several more lacy tops and old tees to remake this way!  I'll have to keep an eye out for weird textures and things to do this with...

So I finally got a chance to wear it this weekend, and I was equally stoked to wear some of the pieces I wore with it. =)  I wanted something not too dressy or evening-ey, something appropriate for daytime.

Wanna see how I styled it?  You know you do... hint: it involves vintage and HOT PINK.

I had a total vision for this top with a short, structured jacket of some kind, but I don't have a black one.  Then I remembered--I had this sweater in my desk drawer at work as a backup.  I pulled it out and brought it home the other day, and now it can get worn again!

It, and the shoes, came from Goodwill, the sweater ages ago and the wedges recently.  I loooove these shoes--they were a donation from Target, sold with a bunch of others just like them, and they were $3.99.  Brand new!  Thanks, Goodwill and Target!!

Little story about this skirt--I picked it up at the Goodwill Outlet for $1.39/lb, and it's a really nice wool, definitely 80's/90's vintage.  It's not quite a circle skirt but has the swingy fullness.  I looooove the bright color--and the length is in right now.  But I'm thinking it would be cute made shorter, too.  Stay tuned for my mending/updating progress on it. ;)

Sweater: Nordstrom Rack brand. Skirt: Vintage. Belt: Random store at the mall.
Wedges: Target via Goodwill. Necklace: Liz Claiborne, JC Penney. Tank: DIY! Recycled tee and top


  1. It's really nice! It suits well on you =D

  2. I really like this look on you.

  3. Love the combo! And this skirt is just gorgeous. Personally I wouldn't make it shorter.

  4. I've already seen the tutorial for the tank and am still wondering if the lace stretches enough or not (no idea how to explain what I mean, hope you understand me though).
    Oh I forgot: You look great in this outfit! :o)


    1. The lace doesn't stretch much, but it was the right size before. It's not stretch lace but the space between the woven parts has a little give.

  5. I was hoping you would pare it with pink!

  6. wow!!!! this is such a cool outfit!!! i love it!

  7. I LOVE this. I also wouldn't make the skirt shorter - I'm loving this midi length right now. And the red belt with the pink skirt is perfect.

  8. Anonymous2/06/2012

    I love your outfit! I was thinking to make a similar tank for me :D
    Thank you for sharing


  9. Oh, wow, this looks stunning! It's so put-together, but not costumey at all! Very classic.

  10. What a pretty lace remake. I love the idea for the tee lining underneath. And I might be biased towards midi, but I really dig the skirt length as it is. It looks great on you!

  11. Thanks, everyone!! Now I can't decide if I think the skirt is better short or long... aaack!

  12. The bright pink is just fab. I vote to keep it at its current length - it looks so ladylike, but the color of it makes it so fun at the same time!

  13. Super love this outfit on you, its pretty much perfect!

  14. What a lovely pairing! I am in love with the lace tank...so so awesome!

  15. Wow, you're rocking that lace and hot pink! love it!

  16. Ooh, thanks, ladies! Yeah I'm pretty proud of the lace/hot pink combo--it was so fun to wear!



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