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Weekend reading--the best kind!

What have you been up to this weekend?  Lucky me, I've had some lovely light weekend reading to do...

I've wanted Grace Bonney's Design*Sponge at Home since it came out last fall.  I should have gone to one of the signings, like at West Elm here in Portland... oops.  I met Grace once at an event at a cute boutique here, and have been reading her blog for ages!  And, in one of my proudest moments, I even had a DIY project featured on Design*Sponge!)

So I was so excited when the book came out.  I asked for it for Christmas, but didn't get it, so I treated myself the other week.  I ordered it online and... it came...

It's beautiful!!

I was shocked at how heavy it was!  It's like a real textbook or something!  But, the coolest textbook ever!

This weekend I finally got around to poring through it, and did a lot of sitting around and drinking tea while reading.  I put little flags on my favorite pages.  Wanna see my fave sections and projects??

The book is divided into five sections: Sneak Peeks (my fave! Like they have online, hometours of some very cool, stylish, creative homes):

There's also DIY projects...

And DIY basics, which all of you readers know, I'm sure!

And a section on flower-arranging, about which I know virtually nothing... gotta learn someday, though!

And my other fave section, Before + After!  I love the Before + Afters on Design*Sponge, and here are some of the best ones in the book!

It got me even more antsy for finding a house!  We're still house hunting and have an offer out on a short sale, but aren't holding our breath.  But I'm so anxious to move into a place we can call our own!  I wanna paaaaaiiiint.... aaaaaaaah!!!!

I'm so used to browsing decor ideas online, and pinning things, that it was nice to flip through a real book.  I started collecting design ideas in a binder, years ago, but now things are digital.  But hey--what about you?  Where do you go for design inspiration?  Have you read the Design*Sponge book yet, or any other great decor books?


  1. Anonymous1/29/2012

    I love that book!!!

  2. So much inspiration, so little time....

  3. Love your blog, and this book looks absolutely irresistable! I wanted to suggest another book to you, Florists' Review Design School. It was the textbook in the floral design class included as part of my interior decorating course. Pretty book, and all the basics+ if you want to learn flower arranging!

  4. Thanks, @Lucy! And thanks for the suggestion! =)



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