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How to Wear DIY: Chunky homemade scarf made over

How to Wear DIY today, although it's not that you need to see how I wear a scarf.  We've most of us been wearing scarves for years.  But this circle scarf thing is new for me, and I love how cute and trendy I can be while at the same time cozy and wearing something I made myself!  Here I am in the scarf I made over last week.

See, the seam of the scarf ends isn't obvious at all!  Even with my v-back sweater.

Sweater: Old Navy. Skirt: J.Crew. Belt: Charlotte Russe.
Boots: Fred Meyer. Earrings: ? Scarf: DIY! Made from one I knitted years ago

So thank you, scarf, for reminding me how much I love that J.Crew skirt.


  1. I love the infinity scarves so easy to make! I have been making and selling them faster than I can post on my etsy site!

    Love the colour of yours and it pulls your whole outfit together in a nice cosy but classic way

  2. that looks really good!!!! cute outfit!

  3. LOVE your boots!!!! Where did you get them?

  4. Thanks!! Yeah, @Callie, infinity scarves are the best!

    @CupCakeCutie, they're from Fred Meyer, a local chain (I guess they're owned by Kroger now)... they sell groceries, overpriced housewares, clothes, etc. They're like the Fred Meyer shoe brand. I got a great deal on them after Christmas three years ago! Just classic brown riding boots, essential...

  5. Great looking neck warmer. You wear it well.

  6. gorgeous outfit..love the skirt..keep it up.regards.



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