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I'm also the author of DIY Wardrobe Makeovers!

How to find Adventures in Dressmaking in 2012

So you may have seen I have a new blog pic... wahoo!

I was really hoping to get a new pic to use for the blog as well as my Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  (I'm so happy with the pics Becky from Studio 623 Photography did!  If you're in Portland and need photos, I highly recommend her!).  Now that I have the new pic and the new blog design done by Nadine of Fox and Toad Design, I can be proud to tell you where to find and connect with Adventures in Dressmaking!

  • I share and invite you to share projects and ideas on the Adventures in Dressmaking Facebook page.  Tons of you have Facebook, right?  "Like" me!  **BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm closing the Adventures in Dressmaking Facebook Group and just started the page.  Please make the switch if you followed before, I don't want to lose you!
  • I tweet about my blog posts and creative pursuits, as well as fun day-to-day stuff--follow me on Twitter!
  • I save inspiration pics to my pinboards on Pinterest.  Looooove it.

  • Subscribe by email--most direct way to hear whenever I post.  Enter your email address in the box on the left sidebar of this blog, under the Google profile pictures of followers...
  • RSS Feed?  Right under that, use whichever tool you like.  Left sidebar.
  • I recently started using Bloglovin' for myself and it's got to be one of the best ways to follow blogs.  Adventures in Dressmaking is here if you want to add it to blogs you follow!  I totally recommend Bloglovin'!
  • If you use Networked Blogs, here I am!
  • I just joined HelloCotton, so you can find me there, too!
  • And, of course, you can follow me through Blogger!  There should be buttons above and to the left of the blog, too...
  • There are probably a bunch of other ways to follow my posts... let me know if my blog doesn't work with your preferred method!

I used to think it was silly to have SO many ways to connect with fave blogs, but now I really appreciate it, and really see the value of the different kinds of networking and following sites.  It's great to have different ways to stay in touch and see what's new!

So like I said, let me know if you need another method of following my blog, if something about it in particular doesn't work for you.

Tomorrow we'll be back to fun posts, I swear...


  1. I use google reader and your posts are shortened so you have to come out of reader to view them. Sometimes this makes me not read your entire posts when I have alot of backed up blogs to read in reader.

    Could oyu possibly change you settings so all of your lovely blog posts are in reader in full??

  2. I totally agree with alenajay! I use google reader too, and I have actually stopped following some other blogs because it just became too much work to have to click over all the time, and then sometimes even then you have to click again. With three kids I have limited internet time, so I would love it if your full posts showed up!

  3. rachel1/07/2012

    I agree with the first two comments! I typically read you on mobile devices and I prefer reader to clicking over and waiting for your full site to load. I know that probably messes with your site stats a bit, but as it is I have to skip a lot of your posts :-(

    you are a fantastic seamstress, I love your style!

  4. Hmm, good comments, I really appreciate the feedback... I do worry about losing visitors to the site if the full post is in the reader!

    Tell me, do you go to the actual blog when you really like the post?

  5. I feel the same way as the other commenters - I do often wish your full posts would show up on Google Reader. I think yours is a blog where you'll have plenty of people clicking through to your actual blog on a regular basis, though, because you have so many great tutorials and pictures. Those are the two big reasons why I click through to people's actual sites from Reader - to bookmark tutorials, and pin pictures on pinterest!

  6. Okay, you've convinced me!

    I think I did it right--tried to change the settings in Blogger to show the full post in feeds. Let's see what happens!!

  7. I tried to find you on Pinterest, but the links lead to a page that cannot be found. Are you still there? I just found your blog and am a VERY new to sewing, so I'd love to be able to follow your tutorials! =D

    1. Uh oh! Thanks for letting me know--here's the link! http://pinterest.com/advdressmaking/

    2. Pinterest is available dear, I tried and I succeeded to get that

  8. Thank you all so much for your feedback on how my posts show up in Google Reader. I tried changing the settings and it made my pageviews go down so much, I felt it wasn't fair to my sponsors who need you to come to my actual blog to read. I know it's frustrating, I'm sorry! You can always follow via BlogLovin, HelloCotton, Twitter... etc. and just go to the posts you find really interesting! Thanks again, and hope you stick around =)



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