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2011 was a good year! Some faves...

Hope you had a great New Year's celebration!!

As is customary this time of year, I'm thinking back on the past.  I've had some fave projects this year, for sure!!  Let's look through 2011 for my favorite creations of the past 12 months...

Loving my crazy red jeans upcycle.  Wore them this holiday season!

Re-did and wore a scarf I made ages ago, into a contemporary cowl...

Seriously loving the fur-trimmed vest (tutorial!) I made from a men's sweater vest, and wore with my fave shirt...

Wore this work dress from last year in a fun new way...

Oh, and I got married!  Yay!  I made my dress, veil, shoe poufs, and all five bridesmaid dresses, and our flower girl's dress.  And plenty of DIYs for the reception decor!

I used some Ruffle Fabric to make a seriously showy and festive dress for my bachelorette party (so much fun!)...

A few weeks earlier, I made a J.Crew-inspired party dress I got to wear as a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding (my first time as a bridesmaid, and wedding planner!).  Felt pretty cute!

I did an upcycle I'm really proud of, a crazy 90's jumper into a pretty print dress...

And another recycled project, a chunky 90's tee into a great striped skirt...

In June, I made a half-lace dress inspired by an Anthro one for a lovely bridal shower my sweet friends held for me.  Such a fun day!  And I love the dress.

Last spring, I played around with silk scraps and made some Anthro-inspired pillows, and did tutorials for all of them...

And last winter, we moved into a new place in a cool neighborhood in Portland and I tried out a new color scheme (well, uh, because the apartment came with it).  'Course, since then, we've painted our room...

Here's to starting off 2012 on a good note!!  My goals for the year include more blogging and sewing, of course, and hopefully spending more time reaching out to other bloggers and online tools.  It's so awesome how many talented people there are out there!

What are your faves from 2011?  Or ambitious sewing and crafty goals for 2012?


  1. Happy New Year. It's been such a treat to read your blog this year, especially those amazing wedding clothes pics. Gorgeous!! Congrats again and best wishes for a terrific 2012.

  2. Happy New Year! I just started following your blog this year and seemed to have missed the wedding things you made. Everything is absolutely gorgeous! I hope your 2012 is just as productive and fulfilling.

  3. Wow, you were brave making your own wedding dress but it's truly stunning and you look beautiful. You're very talented and have given me inspiration to do more dressmaking this year. X

  4. I just adore all of your creations! You had a fabulous 2011 and I cannot wait to see what you make for 2012!

  5. Great Projects! Happy New Year!

  6. Wow! So many awesome projects! I'm psyched to see what you make in 2012!

  7. Anonymous1/02/2012

    So many great projects this year. Congratulations. Besides the wedding dress, my favorite is that great little red number you made to be a bridesmaid.

  8. All of these are so great! The wedding dress, bridesmaids' dresses, and the red dress are my favorites. Can't wait to see what you will come up with in 2012! You have definitely given me plenty of inspiration to sew up many more projects!

  9. Holy wow, that is a lot of amazing stuff!

  10. Happy New Year Suzannah!
    What an amazing and gorgeous 2011 you had! Wishing you all the best for 2012 - can't wait to see what you make this year!

  11. So sweet of you all! Thanks so much, Happy New Year, and here's to more fun projects!

  12. I still love, love, love your wedding dress!! This has to be the third time I've seen it, but it is still beautiful--you did an amazing job on it!

  13. Wow!! So many amazing projects. You were certainly very busy but you had some fabulous projects.



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