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How to Wear DIY: A holiday dress

I know Christmas has come and gone, but I wanted to share with you the outfit I wore to work on the 23rd.  So here's a How to Wear DIY post for ya, and hey, let's play with photo settings while we're at it, shall we?

To be festive, right around Christmas I'm happy I got to wear this plaid dress I made last winter.  It really feels most appropriate at the holidays.  Red and black plaid, so it could go any time of winter, but it was a lot of fun with gold jewelry and nails on Christmas Eve Eve!

I could have worn it with cute heels, of course, but I wanted to keep it relaxed.  I wore my cozy black riding boots.  Think preppy, classic...

You can almost feel the chilly Oregon day, can't you?  It's pretty grey here this time of year.

Tee: Old Navy. Necklace and belt: ? Boots: Steve Madden via Overstock.com. Dress: DIY!

Do you dress festively for the holidays?  Pretty soon I'll got to get out of the red/gold/glitter phase after New Year's, won't I....


  1. You look so cute! I love the fit of the dress on you, it's very flattering.

  2. That dress is amazing - great styling!!

  3. I LOVE the dress with the wide belt and the long sleeved black tee underneath. Looks super cozy.

  4. Love it!! I need to finish sewing a dress I started a few months ago ( :/ ) because it would look cute with long sleeves under it too! If I don't hurry I won't have time to wear it with long sleeves!! The South warms up pretty quick haha!

  5. Learning how to sew a dress is very easy. The only tricky part in learning this skill is learning how to draft a pattern as well as measuring your body. But once you learn these, everything else is easy.



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