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Cowl-inspired scarf idea

So I'm seeing cowl/infinity scarves everywhere.  Super cute for fall, and a cute alternative to a regular knitted scarf... let's allow Pinterest to demonstrate my meaning, shall we?

Totally cute, right?

I used to knit a lot, so I have quite a few knitted scarves that I don't wear (some were experimental, some were made of the wrong kind of yarn, some shed on everything... etc.)--one of those was a long, skinny one I made ages ago out of a delicious pure wool yarn.  I don't remember where I got it but I think I only had a little, which is why the scarf was so narrow and not quite long enough.

So, inspired by cowl-shaped infinity scarves, I made a quick alteration to this one: using a big needle and thread, I sewed the ends together so it's actually a big loop!

So there's a seam made of regular thread, which isn't ideal for a knit, which has stretch, but I'm pretty confident it'll be just fine with this little seam, which doesn't really show much anyway and can be put at the back.

I can loop it three times around my neck and get the cozy look of a cowl or infinity scarf, and it's pretty cool that I made it for myself originally and then transformed it.

So, I highly recommend, if you have a scarf you don't wear for a length or width reason (or any reason!), would you wear it if it were looped?  Try it on without the stitching and try to imagine it in a cowl shape.  Pretty cute...

And it'll take you only a few seconds to whip those ends together.


  1. not just stylish, these style scarfs look far warmer that the standard strip of wool, or fabric, especially on a windy day, I totally see the appeal.

  2. I've been really enjoying the look of these, i'll have to give this a try!

  3. Love it! I bought one this year from a market, it was a beautiful deep green colour. I thought they were handmade/knitted, but the seller told me she makes them on a machine! But I still love it.

  4. Yeah, they are definitely cozier than your average scarf, and (as lazy as this sounds) easier to wear! They don't get in the way ;)

  5. just bought one of these - my winter staple !

  6. I've been looking for a fun knitting project and this is perfect! The maroon one is gorgeous, cant wait to get started!

  7. I love how thorough you are at crediting your sources. That's really appreciated.

  8. Thanks, @Magi--I really try because I know how important it is for people to get linked back to. Pinterest can be good or bad for that--it's perfect if the picture is pinned from its original source!

  9. I'm actually currently making one now out of this awesome teal colored yarn I found!

  10. I LOVE the picture with the maroon scarf ! SOO Cute !

    Linsey @ Babes in Woods Vintage Online



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