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Check out this gorge Erdem-inspired red lace dress!

Lace dresses are everywhere this holiday season!  And they are awesome.  You see them everywhere, in sexy, girly, sweet, festive, and funky looks, and yes, I made one myself out of vintage lace yesterday!

Which is why it's so funny and cool that my blog friend Jessi at Sweetie Pie Bakery (she used to be a regular poster here!  Thanks, Jessi!) just shared an awesome lace dress she made!  Inspired by this Erdem gem:

Sooo cute.  Famously worn by Michelle Williams...

Now worn by Jessi!

Awesome DIY, eh??

Have any of you made anything with lace recently?  Or any great holiday party dresses?  I wish I had more parties to go to so I could make more dresses! ;)


  1. Love it, it's a great Christmas party dress!

  2. This is amazing, bravo Jessie! I've been trying to find some lace I can make into a cute little frock like this!

  3. that dress is so awesome!! and your diy is even better!happy holidays! hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! I am hosting 3 great giveaways, 2 of which end at midnight, tonight :) xo!

  4. ooh, I adore lace dresses! it turned out gorgeous, great job!

  5. here's mine: http://quietandsmalladventures.blogspot.com/2011/12/holiday-dress.html i just need to go back and add sleeves now that i have time :)

  6. I just finished sewing a fancy Christmas dress for my daughter and a matching tie (first time for one of those) for my son. She designed every detail (she's 8) and picked out the fabric and I made what she wanted. She's so happy!

    I kind of wish you had a page where your followers could post pics of their work. I don't have a single friend that sews and it would be so fun to show it to someone who does. (I though about Facebook, but didn't want to spam up your page) I'd love to see others' work too!!!

    Merry Christmas! :)

  7. I finally finished my version for my work holiday party! I need to take better pictures though. http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/red-lace-holiday-dress

  8. @quietandsmalladventures, love your version! So pretty!

    @Kim, good idea... I always love to see your pics. I post projects people do using my tutorials on my You Tried It! page, but you can also post in the Facebook group!

    OMG, Leilani, it's gorgeous!! Great job!!!



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