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Accidental purple headboard

How does one accidentally own a purple headboard, you ask?

Here's the story.  You probably don't remember the headboard I made a couple years ago, with the help of my dad's power tools.  I've used it in two of the three places I've lived in as an adult, and it's gone through some changes.  I recovered it in yellow print, and then at our current apartment the color scheme was totally different and it went with blue and white.

Anyway, now the walls are pale grey (thanks to my sweet husband for doing the painting!), and I'm going with a grey, white, and pink? turquoise? yellow? not sure, some accent color scheme.  So I was imagining a white headboard would look good in our room, or maybe the perfect grey.  Ideally I would add buttons or at least tufting, get this sort of look:

Source: issuu.com via Suzannah on Pinterest

So I've been sort of looking for headboard fabric for a while now, but the other day I got fed up--went to the fabric store and really, really wanted to buy something.  I couldn't find any whites or greys that were even remotely close or good enough.  I saw some dark browns, though, that were nice.  I figured, well I have this dresser:

...in our room, and it looks pretty good with the pale grey walls and white bedding.  It's a very, very dark brown, not quite black.  I think.  So I looked around at the dark browns, and chose one in a suedecloth.  I don't think I've ever bought or used suedecloth before--I kind of hate it for apparel, but it seemed good for a headboard.

So I buy the dark brown (called "Caviar") and bring it home.  I get it home and drape it in our bedroom... and it looks sort of purple.

Sort of purple.  I guess the fluorescent lighting in JoAnn was misleading??

In the light of our bedroom it looks like dark, brown-ish purple.  Oops.

But, it's better than the tan it was before, and better than most of the other stuff I saw at the store.  So I staple it on.  Tweeted a pic.

Ohhh, staple gun projects are so fast and fun!

Here she is, our purple headboard.  It was an accident, but it works for now.

*Ohhh, boy. Every time I do anything to our house I am reminded how much we can't wait to buy a place of our own!!  We're hoping there are more places listed in the area we're looking for after the holidays.


  1. Purple/brown...I have my thread organized by color, but with some spools, I can't distinguish brown from purple. I resort to looking up the name of the color, but that doesn't always help. I have never eaten it, but I don't think of "Caviar" as either purple or brown! anyway, it looks nice...good job.

  2. This is great. I love it when happy accidents happen. I think it really anchors your bed.

  3. Anonymous12/22/2011

    Accident or on purpose, it looks awesome. Sometimes I wish I had a headbord... and changing the fabrics is such an easy way for a completely different look.

  4. funny because it's reading black on the monitor. color is strange like that :) it looks great, whatever color it is! i'm wanting to do a tufted one for our king size bed but know that it will be a HUGE endeavor.

  5. I was in Jo-Ann the other day and noticed that I was having a hard time seeing browns too. I even mentioned it to someone.

  6. We bought a purple-themed house. We've repainted most of it and done away with the purple accents (plants, light fixtures, etc) but kept the purple carpet. It looks more like brown with all of our furniture and decor!

  7. Purple and gray go nicely together, I think. I just made pettiskirts for some young cousins that were gray with purple trip.

  8. Looks brown on my computer screen :-)

  9. Anonymous12/27/2011

    A very happy accident...YAY!!!


  10. Anonymous12/29/2011

    Looks black to me. How very strange...but it would look good in any of those 3 colors.

  11. i love love love monogrammed pillows!




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