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I used to always love looking through catalogs with my mom when they came in the mail.  Now I get almost no catalogs and prefer it that way--I would feel guilty for all the trees, and I can shop better online anyway...

But I digress.  I do get Anthropologie.  Their catalogs are like little works of art.  Have you seen the lovely images in their November catalog?  89 pages of that... atmosphere.  Like, I don't even really want any of the individual items; it's all about the beautiful vibe they create!

Of course, I suppose the catalog is nothing compared to the atmosphere you get at the store.

I also got a West Elm catalog recently, and a Serena and Lily... have you seen any great holiday catalogs yet this year?


  1. I think the designers for Anthropologie are inspiring. They have revolutionized the shopping experience; not just with their store displays but their website and cataloge.

  2. I like west elm, too, esp as we are adding a new bed/bath to our house.

    I dont get many others, though...& when I do I don't pay much attention to the settings; I spend more time trying to figure out if an item will fit right!

  3. Good points!! Anthro catalogs are usually quite the experience, stores too. But, of course, you never know how something will fit before you order it...
    Which is sort of why it's nice to order things from companies that also have stores so you can return them without having to pay shipping!



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