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Fall colors. My first Instagram!

Still learning with this new amazing iPhone.  I love seeing people's Instagram photos on Twitter--now I can take some, too!

So I've got the app now, although I'm not "following" anybody or anything and am still not sure how to best use it.  But I did manage to take a pic and post to twitter!
Pretty excited about my fall raisin-colored nails.  I generally chip manicures within 12 hours of painting them so I'm even more stoked that I've made these last a little longer.  I guess I'm just too active (read: clumsy).  I have found that Sally Hansen Complete Manicure is the only kind that will last up to two days on me, although not all colors, just the stronger ones like red or dark colors.  What I'm wearing now is that Boots No. 7 brand from Target, a Speed Dry one, with base coat and top coat.  I read all these tips and reader comments on Glamour.com a while ago for making manicures last and was shocked at how long some people are able to wear the same polish!!  I have never in my life been chip-free for a week.  But some people, apparently, are.

Anyway.  Any Instagram tips for me?  Which of the filters are best for what?


  1. Best advise for instagram is to have fun with it! There's tons of great photos being made because they can be, and there are no good filters for any one thing. You have to decide what's best for the picture you took. I tend to prefer no filter, in truth. The world is amazing as it is. Welcome to the fold!

  2. I don't have any advice for instagram, but for manicures and pedicures two products worth investing in are OPI Bond Aid and Orly Bonder. I put those on in that order before my paint and finish with a good fast-drying topcoat. Helps my self-pedicures last for weeks - sometimes a whole month - and manicures for a week.

  3. Anonymous10/20/2011

    I know nothing of instagrams, and my nails are ALWAYS chipped after a day... but I NEED to know where you got that watch!! It's so so cute! =) x

  4. Thanks for the tips! For nails and Instagram, haha.

    @nikkijoy, I got it on clearance at American Eagle, randomly =)

  5. Anonymous10/21/2011

    i love the sally hanson too, does that one have the cool flat brush? those are amazing!!

    anyway, i dont have an iphone, i have a droid but i love the app called retro camera and little camera. retro has 6 or so different cameras you use, little camera has a ton of filters you use after you take a photo. i love it!!!


  6. Instagram uses hashtags like Twitter does. Also like Twitter, you need to use the @ symbol before someones name to direct a comment towards them. The community on IG is fantastic, and oodles of fun!

  7. Anonymous10/22/2011

    Buy polish in several shade, each a little darker than the last. Like pale pink, med pink, dark rose, red. Start the week light, end dark & dramatic. Works on any color palette. The raisin might be the end of a sand-taupe-caramel run, for example. I am fond of silver-stainless steel-stormy gray.

  8. I don't know much about instragram, but I do know how to make a manicure last. Go out and buy a product called Seche Vite top coat (http://www.amazon.com/Seche-Vite-Dry-Fast-Coat/dp/B00150LT40). I LOVE this stuff. I literally went from never painting my nails because of chipping paint to having my manicure last 5 or 6 days! It's amazing stuff (and I don't work for them - honest)

  9. I use the complete manicure in Pat on the Black (actually dark plum). It's the only polish I ever put on my super pale fingers and it stays on forever!



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