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You're not gonna believe these jeans.

It's How to Wear DIY time!

So here's the story behind these craaaazy pants (crazy for me, anyway!)

I'm sure you've heard or seen the red jeans trend.  Bright jeans are having a moment, and red and pink seem to be faves.  Sounds pretty extreme, right?  I was not too sure at first.  But bear with me here.

Bright red skirts are cute...

Bright red shorts are cute, and unexpected!

And check it out--when worn right, bright red jeans can be totally cute!

Are you with me?  Or is this a totally crazy, not-wearable trend?  (For any doubters or fans, check out my my Pinterest board for red jeans and strong brights.  I had to devote a whole pinboard to them!)

Something in me said, it's time I owned some jeans like that.  I'm not about to pay $150 or even $50 for some, but I did see some at Marshall's for $15 and Forever 21 for also cheap.  I was about to go back and buy them, when... a miracle occurred!

I was at Goodwill Outlet, looking for furniture (total bust that trip) when I saw something bright red poking out of one of the clothing bins.  Assuming it was a pair of early 90's high-waisted tapered awful jeans, I pulled on it out of curiosity.

But, no!  It was... a pair of late 2000's SUPER high-waisted tapered and SUPER awful jeans!!  Look at these things!

I'm pretty sure they're from one of those cheap, trashy strip mall stores... Hot Clothing or XX Wear or whatever's a step below DEB.  I'm making up these names, but I assume you know what I mean.  I vaguely remember a short phase of super high-waisted jeans, seen mostly in Guess ads and maybe a high fashion mag, but don't remember anyone wearing them.  And certainly not in red!

Anyway, with the red jeans trend on the mind and the DIY spirit I always carry with me, I bought them!  I was inspired to remake them into something wearable and cool.

I tried them on and found, not only were they exactly as ridiculous as they seemed, they were too big.  But, I was dedicated.  I did a very thorough and quality alteration job (I'm proud of myself!  Tutorial coming super soon!).  And, they turned into... this!

OMG, they are so cute and fun!!  I love them with my soft denim shirt.  And tan accessories, of course, like I learned how to do on Pinterest.  Here's your How to Wear DIY part of this story!

Like I said, super proud of my alterations work!  They fit great now!
Denim shirt and flats: Target via Goodwill. Bag: Wilson's Leather via Goodwill.
Necklace: Forever 21. Watch: American Eagle. Jeans: DIY!

Yes, that's my butt in red jeans.  Never thought I'd see the day.

So, have you tried out the bright jeans trend yet?!?  Thoughts?


  1. I dig the red jeans... But especially the alterations you did to yours! They look great. Can't wait for the tutorial.

  2. OOh these are awesome! Great alterations job! I especially like them with the denim shirt.

  3. I just made some red pants after seeing all the fabulous images on your Pinterest. I absolutely love mine! They are probably one of my favorite things I've made yet. Yours are fabulous!!

  4. Loving the red jeans/bottoms! I recently made some to give the trend a try!

  5. Anonymous9/27/2011

    I think if I was in the right mood I could totally pull off red jeans. You gotta be in the right mindset though! In the mood for fun! And probably for some attention too! :) Your jeans look great! Can't wait to see the tutorial!

  6. I love red jeans I've had a pair for a few years, but recently I've been wearing a jade green colored pair and purple pair that I bought in the sale at Zara. The bright colors really pick me up and they make a change from normal jeans.

    brill alteration job, too :)

  7. i like!

    i've been wanting to try the trend, but i'm only 5'1'' and not sure about it on me yet! maybe if i find a bargain like you!

  8. I've been following your board on Pinterest and have always loved red pants. These look GREAT. I'm shocked at what you were able to do with those! Your outfit is fantastic.

  9. love, love, love, love, love. The fit is fantastic and the length and width of the leg is SO flattering!

  10. Red jeans are back ! I bought a pair of red jeans in Italy in 93, I'm a girl, but they were men's jeans, I had to have them professionally hemmed... I wonder if I still have those jeans? they'd be too big now as I lost weight...

  11. that's a great post. Red colour totally rocks lately, I must say I have a pair of red pants just waiting for their time :)


  12. I saw a girl with a really nice pair of kelly green jeans and I really want some. I am hoping to get some cheap as well but now that it is headed in warmer weather in Australia I don't know whether its worth buying them.

  13. That transformation is kinda unbelievable!! I've been wanting in on the red trend, too. This might be the push I needed!

  14. Those turned out awesome! Good eye!

  15. Anonymous9/27/2011

    They look amazing! I audibly groned when I saw the before photo of them...SO BAD. They look good now though, so very nice transformation.

  16. Ooooo! This post definitely rekindled my love for colored jeans!

  17. I think you rock it. I would have to be careful because of my red hair. I could probably to a Burgundy red. I do like the combo of the steel blue and red.

  18. I saw this look in the Anthropologie catalog in July, I think (lots of colored jeans in there) and went straight to a thrift store, grabbed the only pair of red jeans I could find, skinnied them up and voila! Love them!

  19. I love these. I owned a pair of red trouser pants a few years back and loved them! I bought some dark green pants this fall and love the pop of color!

  20. Thanks, readers!! So glad I'm not alone in the red jean thing--plus, you all sound so stylish!

  21. Good job on the modifications. I have a pair of red jeans made by Australian designers myself and I am thinking of doing some stuff to it.



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