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BHLDN dress inspiration for fall

Seems like evening dresses are often so cute for summer, but what about fall and winter?  These BHLDN fall-ey dresses are just gorgeous...

Here it is again without the dreamy lighting and rustic setting.  Not quite as magical, but you can see the shape and everything. 

There are oodles more pretty dresses, of course.  Here's some more faves...

Pastels and bows that Emma Pilsbury would wear...

Full-skirted 50's retro...

Of course, I have nowhere to wear these.  But it's nice to be inspired!  Anyone have any great fall or winter party dresses planned??


  1. I always have a xmas party in January that I make a dress for every year and these are fabulous inspiration! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make, especially since most of these look like they could be done from your favorite pattern!

  2. I love the black strapless dress, so elegant. I wish I had somewhere to wear it to though...

  3. The bottom two are my favorite---so lovely and I love the classy vintage vibe to them.

  4. wonder if the pink dress comes in other colours...love the shape



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