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Mmmmmmm, wedding pics...

I can't say enough good things about my photographer, Becky, of Studio 623 Photography.  I am SO lucky that I found her randomly only a few months before the wedding!  She totally understood the vibe I wanted for the wedding and the whole aesthetic.  I can't wait to see all the pics but what I've seen so far are totally awesome!

And I'm pretty proud of myself for choosing the venue, decor, clothing, and accessories I did.  Haha.  Always good to feel content with one's decisions, I guess.


  1. Teasing us again with beautiful photos from your wedding...

    I know how you feel, it's good to know what you've done is a success. And you should feel proud! I thought to make my own wedding dress, but in the end chickened out - I'm determined to make the veil though.

  2. That's so wonderful to hear! Congrats! You really were a lovely bride!

  3. Lotta, Sweden8/11/2011

    Congratulations to You both!
    I followed a sewinglink from Sweden this morning and ended up here! Started reading about Your wedding dress and I couldn't leave the link to Your photographer untouched... (so here is a copy of what I wrote att Beckys blog):
    Wow!!! And again: Wow!!
    Amazing, amazing photos! Like a mixture of photo album (old and new), fairy tale, lyrics in a song or a poem, colorful, soft, BW-pictures, happiness, longing, curious, flowers, faces, shoes, relatives, flowers, flowers and even more beautiful colours on the flowers! I do believe I was there... ;)
    Not to forget: Suzannah & Jason, what a lovely, lovely couple! This marriage will last from here to eternity!!
    Keep on making all of Your days full of colors and flowers (don't forget to stop and smell the flowers too)

  4. Ohh, so sweet! And thank you for all those adjectives, @Lotta!

  5. Wow congratulations! I can't believe you made it it's fabulous! I love the colour!!



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