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How to take in a swimsuit top

So, wahoo, we're going to Hawaii in a couple weeks for our honeymoon!  I am SO stoked.

I plan to spend plenty of time in bikinis, and I stocked up earlier this spring when Land's End Canvas had a bunch of theirs for $6-10 per piece.  I got three complete bikinis of slightly different styles!  All solid colors, very classy.  Land's End Canvas has some super cute stuff, surprisingly.

One of the suits I got is this one, in white.

How cute and retro!  But the top, with the hook in the back, was just a little loose.  I didn't want a smaller size since they cups fit well, so I moved over the hook and the loop to make it just a little tighter!  Here's the steps...

Here's what I started with.  I'm sure you've seen swimsuits with this kind of clasp before.

I used a seam ripper to unpick the stitches around the hook and on the loop (the left side).

I folded the end over just a little more than it had been before, and sewed it down.  Two rows, like it had originally.  I used a ball point needle!  They go through the fibers of a knit rather than trying to split them, so you have a stronger seam with fewer skipped stitches.

Then I trimmed off the excess 1/3 inch or so.  I did the same thing to the left side, except without the metal hook.  I cut off the same amount from both sides, so the clasp is still in the middle of the back.


Now it fits much better.

Gotta love how white swimsuits make you look tanner in comparison ;).  Of course, I'm also getting a spray tan before we go!  I normally love my pale skin but on a Hawaiian beach, I may actually blind some people with my light and bright Oregon stomach and legs.  Haha.


  1. I do this all the time with the straps on bras I get...I hate when they don't fully adjust.

  2. Thanks so much for this tut! I always get so frustrated when the tops of my swimsuits don't fit!

  3. such a good tutorial, I always dread sewing swimsuits, or any material like that.

  4. i am glad to hear someone embrace their skin. why are white girls always trying to ruin their skin (and get cancer) by tanning? Go girl! And have a wonderful honeymoon!

  5. I did the same thing yesterday but with my new bra (I have a short torso, the straps are always away from my shoulders!). Just like Emma said!

  6. thank you so much! I'm short and weird proportioned, so I imagine this will help with a regular bra as well. Super cool :D
    ENJOY your honeymoon!

    xxx Irinja (1milliondresses.blogspot.com)



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