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Getting ready to paint the bedroom--and West Elm decorate it!

I'm almost ready to re-do the bedroom!  It's been a long time coming, since we were so busy with wedding preparations all spring and early summer.

I bought the paint (this color):

And I've been thinking about pale grey bedroom inspiration.  We got a West Elm giftcard as a wedding present, and I do crush on a lot of their bedding and such.  One thing that I love is this comforter cover.  It looks great against that blue wall, but will it clash with the pale grey?

There's also the Parachute duvet cover in pale grey...

And there's this stripe, which would be nice in yellow or grey, but it may be a little too bold.  I might get tired of it when I want to change up the style.  Well, that's true of the chevron one, too.

What do you think would look best with that pale grey wall color?

Oh, here's a "before" pic of our room to give you some context.

Time for a new look, and I'm so excited!  Lots of you have pale grey rooms, too, I learned in my bedroom inspiration post... what are your tips?


  1. I just painted my room light grey a few weeks ago and I must say that it is devine! But, I would suggest adding some bold colored acessories or one lage bold peice with smaller gray acessories. If everything is just gray and light colors it all just sort of bends together. I put a bright orange comforter and 60's style chair in my room and wow does it pop!

  2. Anonymous8/18/2011

    Can I ask where you got your headboard? I love it and am looking for one that size. I have been looking at West Elm's headboards too...they're awfully cute! Grey bedroom walls sound lovely!

  3. grey and yellow are beautiful together! That's my vote! They were my colors for our wedding and also for our bedroom!

  4. http://pinterest.com/pin/122448142/

    Here's another yellow and grey, there's not too much bold yellow but enough to give it style

  5. We will absolutely add some bright pops of color--yellow or orange or hot pink! I still don't know which comforter cover I like best, though...

    @Anonymous, I made the headboard! Here's a little more about it: http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com/2009/10/diy-padded-headboard.html

  6. Anonymous8/18/2011

    I vote for the grey chevron and adding stronger color in pillows, lampshades and accessories. You could even "slipcover" the headboard if you wanted a real "pop". By using the neutral grey you can completely change the look down the road fairly inexpensively.

  7. I love the versatility of white, so I'd vote for the white duvet cover, and add a colorful throw and toss pillows. I like to change the pillows and throws for the seasons, which is less expensive than changing the duvet. Pillows are so easy to whip up. A few black accents would look nice with the gray you've picked. Maybe a deep plum? It's a good neutral, so mix in your favorite color and it will look great.

  8. I vote for something in grey, specifically the parachute! I am probably biased, as I have a light grey ruched comforter cover and light grey walls (as well as charcoal grey curtains), but this has created the loveliest canvas for decorating. The texture prevents it from being too plain and boring, and I absolutely love it. I am able to switch out bright throws, pillow cases, sheets, rugs, etc., without ever having to worry about clashing. It's amazing how much the artwork on our walls (mostly canvas prints of photos we took on our honeymoon) pops against the plain background we created. It is far from boring!

    Then again, I am one of those people who could not live with the same bedroom decor for more than a few months at a time (I at least need to switch up the throw pillows, etc), so for me the big "main" pieces being neutral is necessary. During this time of year I like everything to feel calm and serene in there, while in Winter I prefer lots of bold shocks of warm throughout, etc. (Sorry for another freakishly long comment!)

  9. More good points, and you've reminded me of an important detail--I'm planning on recovering the headboard FOR SURE. I'm thinking of a nice white with some texture or pile, maybe pieced with equi-size squares.

    @Elisa, I like your style! Good to hear how you do it--I like to switch up the decor all the time, too--drives my husband crazy.

  10. Anonymous9/01/2011

    I just bought a similar parachute duvet from Pottery Barn and I love it. It is very cozy and I can get different accessories or change the paint when I get tired of my current color scheme.

    The white would be really pretty with the gray walls, as long as you add some pops of color.

  11. I painted my walls grey and used navy and gold for the bedding and accent colors. I found that the grey picked up color from the things around it. I really liked the effect so I am planning on much the same in my new house. I am using charcoal and gold for accent this time. The charcoal has an almost purple hue.



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