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A last-minute wedding clutch

I told you things were rushed for the wedding I helped with this weekend--here's a project I put together just for the occasion!

At around 10:30 PM Saturday, after the bridal shower we threw, all the bridesmaids were cleaning up as the bride made her packing list for the next day.  She mentioned she might need a little evening bag for her lipstick and iPhone.
Me: "Oh, yeah, I wanted to get one of those too, but never found one."
Bride: "At least you have two more weeks till your wedding!"
Me: (deliberating...) "Well, I could maaaake you one...... tonight or tomorrow morning...."

So I went home and, while I didn't have to be there till 8 the next morning, got all inspired and whipped this little bag together in half an hour.

I didn't have a red zipper so I had to use ivory at the top, like her dress.  Oh, well.  I  made it out of a scrap of leftover cotton sateen from the dress I wore to the wedding!  So it was for sure the right color.  I reinforced the whole thing with a layer of iron-on interfacing to make it a little stiffer.  I didn't line it or anything... quick 'n dirty!

For trims I re-used a ruffle from one of the bridesmaids's dresses--she didn't like how it went all the way around the neck so we trimmed it off.  I also didn't have red thread--aaack!  So I used orange, one of the other colors, for the top-stitching on the ribbons I added.  I threw on a couple bows, too, for fun.

And boy, was I glad she had this--we were able to follow her around with it!!

Now I just need to find something to use at my wedding... I used to have an off-white beaded vintage one, I wonder if I still do...

Did you use a purse at your wedding?  Any other essentials to put in it?


  1. I made a purse a couple of years ago with a few "bridesmaid essentials." At the risk of sounding like a spammer (which I'm not), I wrote a post about it on my blog here: http://www.bymaggie.com/?p=29

    The gist of it is being prepared for ANYTHING. Mostly, you'll need safety pins, bobby pins and back-up lip stuff. But if you really want to be ready, the list on that post will certainly help you get there.
    And one of these days, I'll actually write the follow-up, showing the purse I made and how everything fit in to it.

  2. Great list, @Maggie!--although I don't see how you'd be able to fit it all in a purse! Maybe a big one... =)

    I'll be sure to have a good emergency kit on site.

  3. This is super pretty, and you just whipped it together?!

  4. I think I made my sister carry around a purse for me on my wedding day!



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