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Quilt-ey mishmash Anthro-ey pillow back: Yes, a tutorial!

I got a little creative when I was modeling pillows for my living room after Anthropologie ones.  I loved my Orimono pillow front so much and wanted to show off another Anthro-esque look on the back of it, so I modeled it loosely off this pillow:
So here's a tutorial!
  • Cut or tear strips 2-3" wide and arrange them in squares on your pillow.  It will help to mark your centers on each side of the pillow by folding the fabric in half and clipping a triangle out.  Line up your squares with the centers of each side of the pillow.
  • Pin carefully.
  • Sew down your strips.  I chose to do this with a regular straight stitch, but you could use zigzag if you wanted.
  • Chose a contrast detail to add.  The Anthro original has embroidered medallions--you could add some yourself, if you have the time, or you could stencil a design on!  You could also use strips of lace or wide braid trim.  Anything goes!
  • I chose to use the edge of some yellow eyelet I had from a skirt I deconstructed a while ago.  To mix it up I did one narrow strip and one wide strip.  I placed them parallel to two sides of the square.
  • Pin carefully.
  • Sew the trim down, again with a straight stitch, zigzag stitch, or method of your choice.
  • Note: again, if you are using a lightweight quilting fabric I highly recommend using a muslin or junk fabric backing.  You can see the little rose and ribbon print in the picture above--this is my junk fabric, cut in a square the same size as the top fabric, and used as interfacing.  I sewed all the trim through both layers.  It really makes the pillow last longer!  Quilting fabric on its own is not quite strong enough for most pillows.
  • Now check out the tutorial for the front of this pillow to attach the back to the front, and put the zipper in.  Of course you can do anything you want for the other side of your pillow!  Have fun with your scraps!
  • Ta-da--here it is!

I think it compliments the flower side nicely.  Once again here's the front of it, from my Orimono pillow DIY.

I also did a tutorial for this pillow and one like these.

I have been really enjoying having these colorful and funky patchwork pillows in our living room!


  1. Love the flower side. I am looking to make some nice pillows to compliment my home. I can't imagine buying them when I know I can DIY them!

  2. love love love. you are so talented!

  3. fab pillows, very inspiring!



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