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OMG! Bow ties

Men... ties... a realm of wedding planning I don't know as much about.

I have been back and forth about what our groomsmen will wear, but I was entertaining the idea of bow ties!! Here are some examples in the general attitude of our wedding...

From Green Wedding Shoes:

From Ruffled:

From Style Me Pretty:

So anyway, I had this vintage tie pattern, Simplicity 9400, and while there are probably tons of online patterns and downloads on how to make bow ties, I figured I'd use the pattern.  There are some pretty funny ones in the photo!
I also had a very small piece of bright iridescent purple dupioni silk that I found in my mom's silk scrap stash.  It was just barely enough for three, one for my fiancé and each of his two groomsmen!

Here they are... funny-shaped!
I had to learn to tie them online!  They are sort of tricky.

Not sure if we'll use them, but there they are if we need them!  What do you think?

(If you did any other DIYs for your wedding or for a friend or loved one, I'd love for you to share them in the Adventures in Dressmaking DIY Weddings Flickr group!!)


  1. Love !! I couldn't possibly convince my guy to wear something like that though ... he's way too conservative :)

  2. Nothing beats bow ties! I'm pretty sure they make all men adorable. Bravo on making them yourself.

  3. I love bowties! But then again I am a southern girl! Fantastic color too!

  4. I think they are cute although my husband would never have worn a bow tie. I like that you used dupioni so there is texture in the fabric.

  5. Wonderful! Love the bright purple and bow ties are awesome!

  6. My husband wore a bow tie at our wedding. He said, "If you can't wear a bow tie at your wedding, when will you wear one?" I agreed. Our wedding was traditional black suits, black bow tie.


    i rest my case.

  8. I love them and you should TOTALLY use them!

  9. I love bow ties and think they're totally cute/sweet/hip/funky, but the Boy thinks they're too nerdy ala. Steve Urkel.

  10. Definitely bow ties! I even want to wear one now!

  11. to quote an awesome show "bow ties are cool!"

  12. I agree with Kathryn "Bow ties are cool!" Love Doctor Who and love the color of these - I think they will look fabulous!!

  13. Anonymous6/08/2011

    Bow ties will be worn at our wedding! I love how they look and my boyfriend has commented that he would wear them!

  14. Aaw, so glad you like them!! It really helps to hear your votes! My fiancé is down (and his stylish little brother, our best man, LOVES them) so it sounds like we should go with them!!

  15. Does anyone know of a free tutorial or pattern for them? I want to try and make one for my hubby for Father's Day. I have a length of awesome madras print from a dress I had to shorten, and I would love to get a bow tie made for him!

  16. I love old fashioned ties and dupioni silk--and here they are together! That is going to be too freakin' cute!

  17. @lakoczera, there might be a pattern on BurdaStyle! And did MADE do one for little boys?

  18. Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion, I just printed a pattern. I made one for my son for Easter, but ran out of time to make a matching one for dad. He actually wanted to match, so after Father's Day they'll be able to!



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