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Summery weekend! Farmer's market and Anthro inspiration...

Happy Memorial Day weekend!
Hope you're all having a good holiday weekend.  It's been beautiful here during sunbreaks, then it rains... but this is still sort of the unofficial start of summer!  So I've been enjoying it as such.

The farmer's market in my hometown has begun already, and I'm out visiting my parents today to work on wedding dress stuff.  My mom picked up some lovely things at the farmer's market this morning...
Have you ever had fresh, seasonal asparagus?  It is unlike anything else... I've heard asparagus is really only in season for two short windows in the spring, and the stuff you get at the grocery store is just a replica.  Not like these fresh, tender little stalks... we ate them fresh chopped up in a salad!  So tasty!
It's also a good weekend to think about my summer wardrobe.  My mom just got some new fabric that reminded me of an Anthro dress from last summer, so we went to their website to explore.  And I found all these lovely pieces I hadn't seen yet... it's been a while since I drooled over their website.  How about some of these dresses...
LOVE this ivory/aqua one.  Maybe something I could wear to my rehearsal dinner...

And these lovely tops!!

These two could be upcycled from vintage table linens...
 The little chambray top is so cute!!

Aaaaah.... summery.  Anthropologie love.  What are your faves this season??

What are you doing to celebrate this weekend?  Hope you are having a good one!


  1. Love the pale floral dress, second from top!

    I'll be spending my weekend relaxing and not doing much, other than sewing, watching movies, reading and knitting. Tomorrow I might go to a big car boot sale (I think over there you call it yard sale) to see if I can find any treasures.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. oh my, those dresses are so lovely. I bought some fabric the other day to make myself a couple of summer dresses. I've cut out the fabric, now I just have to find the time to sew. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  3. you have to get the gathering breeze dress. soooooooo cute. perfect rehearsal dinner dress.

  4. Oooh, absolutely love that green gingham shirt. Can picture it tucked into a high waisted raspberry coloured pencil skirt. Super cute.

  5. I love the dress that is second from the top. I have been looking for a pattern to make something similar.

  6. So wonderful dresses!! Give me warm weather and summer....

  7. Amazing choice of dresses. I love the second one, but your favorite is great too!

  8. Anonymous5/30/2011

    Yay for early summer - lovely dresses and delicious asparagus! We have about 2 more weeks of the season here, and I live in the middle of the main asparagus growing area so we have been enjoying a LOT of fresh spears recently. Yum!



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