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All five bridesmaid dresses cut out!

I reached a major milestone in wedding planning/preparation... I cut out all five of my bridesmaids' dresses this weekend!

I am using combinations of six different patterns, and making up the skirt without a pattern.  You can see my thought processes here and the dresses my friends picked from... (except now I am doing full pleated skirts rather than the tapered one I first thought about.)

I bought 11 yards of the grey stretch twill online.  It is really nice, a little sheen to it, and thick enough for a dress.  My dress is made out of it, too, as the base.

11 yards was heavy and hard to manage, so I cut out the skirts first.  I had measured each of the girls from waist to kneecap, so I had that measurement for everyone.  I ended up only adding an inch, figuring if I did 1/2" at the top for the seam and 2" for the bottom hem (serged, not turned under twice), the skirts would fall 1.5" above the kneecap--a cute length.  The skirts will be pleated with little pleats, rather full at the bottom, so I just tore two panels for each dress.  Thank goodness this fabric tore well!!!  Although left lots of stray threads.

Then I had five skirts.

Next I cut out all the bodices.  This was quite the process, so I will have to do one post per bridesmaid dress as I finish them so you can see the finished products as well!  Trust me, that'll make it less confusing ;).  They are all together waiting to be sewn...

I have LOTS of sewing to do before August 6th!


  1. I'm so amazed by all that you are doing! Thanks for sharing your progress:)

  2. This is very impressive ! Good luck with all these dresses !

  3. Aw, thanks!!

    Got the first dress made today! More details to come...

  4. fantabulous! you must be getting excited!!

  5. Janine W.5/24/2011

    Ooohhh the dresses are going to look fabulous, especially with the shoes!!! Back when I got married in the '80s, I also made my bridesmaid dresses- big flouncy bodices, long full skirts with a deep ruffle at the bottom, a Vogue design, no less than 6 yards for each dress. With 5 bridesmaids it was an explosion of lavendar - that's the '80s for you. I love the trend these days, to have the dresses in the same color and fabric, but different styles. So Chic!!

  6. wow! Good luck! I'm sure they are going to look amazing! I have so much inspiration for those who can sew well. That is the one class in college, that I really did rather poorly at, but I am determined to get better!!!!!

    -Heather, from

  7. wow...this is very impressive! I think that your dresses will look stunning with the shoes! Good luck with all these bridesmaid dresses! can't wait for more details...

  8. Thanks!
    @Janine W., and any others who did DIY projects for your weddings, please share them in my Flickr group!


    I would love to see those 80's dresses! =)

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