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Bedroom makeover (halfway through...)

Since we moved into our little townhouse two months ago, I have been trying to improve the spaces throughout and have been doing painting and redecorating projects wherever I can--without spending much money.  I have a lot of decor items I like, and have reused many of them from our old houses.

One room that has had very little attention so far is our bedroom. The downstairs spaces got painted, etc. first, since they are the most visible.  The bedroom was painted an icky medium blue color when we moved in.  Blech.  Here are the before pics...

When we first moved in...
What a mess!


It had no identity for quite some time.  Then I brought back the old padded headboard I made a while back... I took off the yellow print cover and went back to the tan.

I wanted to paint the room, either a pale neutral (super pale grey or beige? White?) or maybe pale, pale blue.  I am a white comforter person--I love comforters, and for a long time we've had a white comforter cover on a big comforter on the bed.  It's a classic look, but I was getting bored.  What really helped me make a decision about the paint was finally buying a new quilt!

I found this Cynthia Rowley quilt on clearance at Marshall's.  It was a little more than I had hoped to spend, but so cute!  And my fiancé loves it.  Apparently floral and paisley is not too girly for him.  And it matched some pillows I already had!  I made the tan/ivory ones and the aqua quilted ones are West Elm via Goodwill.

I had planned, and still plan, to recover the headboard again.  Not tan this time.  So I'm still unsure about the wall color!  But for now, I just couldn't stand that icky blue, so I mixed up a couple paint colors I had left over from other rooms.  White, pale blue, and tan... turned in to a nice pale blue.  I painted the walls.

I forgot one thing--paint dries darker.  As I finished painting the bedroom last weekend, I realized, "wait... I don't like this color!"  It's too blue, too strong a color.  I wanted paler.  Oh, well.  Also, I didn't mix enough!! I painted only three walls of the bedroom!!  Aaack!  See the wall on the left is the new color, and the one on the right is the old?

So, the room is better than before but still not done.  I will paint it again sometime in the general future... here's the "after" but only halfway through!
(I don't love it but it is very peaceful when the sun comes through the curtains...)

I am also still working on the side table situation!  Right now I have (three) Pier 1 mirror tables... they aren't too functional but go with the gold frames.

I love bedding and bedrooms and have a feeling this room will be a work in progress for a long time.  Siiiigh...


  1. We always get to our own bedroom last right? Which is ironic b/c we spend like 1/3 of our life there or something.

    I liked the stuff in my bedroom, and the wall color (we are only allowed to paint an accent wall) but last weekend we moved the bed and wow, huge difference!

    If it is anything, I LOVE grey walls, and maybe consider wallpapering one wall, behind the bed? It will add a lot of visual interest. Good luck!

  2. I like what you have done so far! I agree the blue colour is still too strong. I love the shape of the chair... I would love to see you slip cover it in a bold black and white big pattern.

  3. It is looking great! The colours are perfect for quiet bedroom time :)

  4. Where is your beautiful quilt missy!

  5. I love the blue paint, but I'm totally a blue person. I love how calming the whole atmosphere is. And I love the new comforter!

  6. Personally, I like to have a bedroom just that one shade darker than planned. It's a help in sleeping longer in the summer, and tends to feel warmer in the winter.
    So, I love your colour!
    Beautiful bedroom - very calming as everyone else says :D

  7. Well, it certainly does look a lot better and your effort was well spent. Nice and relaxing.

  8. Thanks!!
    The quilt is on the bed... over the comforter. It is cozy!

  9. I love redoing rooms, what fun, but def a lot of work!

  10. Stop being so hard on yourself - it's lovely! I'm sure with a few tweaks it'll be exactly what you're looking for.

  11. Love how your bedroom is turning out!


  12. Your room is coming together beautifully! The wall color really works well with the comforter, for being "thrown" together. :)

    Also love, love, love the chair! I wonder if it would be more of a focal and reading nook in the corner when you first walk in, instead of next to the bed?

    Can't wait to see what you end up with!



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