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Springy polka dots on an easy dress!

Time again for Adventures with Sweetie Pie Bakery!  Take it away, Jessi!

It is finally spring! I'm not sure whether Spring knows it yet, but it is...We've had some chilly weather and even snow the other day! Regardless, I can't help but sew for the warmer days. Besides, when you can make a dress in a couple of hours, why not?

I worked with the Tara top from BurdaStyle. It's one of their most popular patterns, as it makes a very simple sun dress. There are no closures or fancy notions involved, just some elastic under the bodice, making it a perfect pattern for beginners!

The only intimidating factor may be that the dress is derived from a top pattern. However, all you need to do is take the main section and cut it on a straight line, then line up the diagonals with the length you'd desire for your skirt.
You can use this trick to turn most any top pattern into a dress. (Kathleen did a sew-a-long with this little number as well, so you can get step by steps from her if you'd like to try it out and are newer to sewing)

It's comfy and cute which are two pluses in my book! I made a few of these dresses since they are so fast. Do you have any favorite summer dress patterns?

Thanks, Jessi!  I myself have several fave summer dress patterns, and some of them are super easy... read about them here.

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  1. This is adorable! I am a beginner- as in I am about to get a sewing machine. This looks very do-able. Thank you

  2. Love polka dots! This turned out super cute. I really need to explore BurdaStyle some more.

  3. Anonymous3/29/2011

    It's really cute! And it reminds me of the polka-dot dress I just refashioned this weekend. I made a red fabric belt for mine, which might look cute with yours as well (I love the red shoes!)

  4. To Jessi or Suzannah,

    L-O-V-E both of your sites, creativy & creations. One question on this pattern, since I have yet to use it. The low V neckline is quite stunning, but honestly can show a lot of cleavage, which in many cases, is my biggest (literally) problem. Is the pattern, in your opinion, easy enough to alter to still make a fairly low V neckline, but still make it very modest? I would love to hear your thoughts before I purchase the pattern. I am an avid sewer, but new to the altering patterns to fit my whims! You two are pro in my mind! Help!

  5. Super cute! It looks really easy. I'm often intimidated by starting something from scratch so I tend to to a lot of re-fashioning, but this helped ease some of my anxiety. Thanks!

  6. Yes, it is super cute!

    @Christa Marie, while I have never made this exact pattern, I have made dresses with this shape of neckline before, and I see the problem.

    It's pretty easy to adjust to make a the two pieces cross over rather than meet--make note of the original center front of the pattern, and make the front pieces extend a few inches past center front so they cross each other, drawing a straight line from the shoulder seam down.

  7. @Christa-I'm going to direct you here to Kathleen's site. The question came up in her sew along and I'm almost positive she addresses the issue on one of the days.




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