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Inspiration + fabric shopping

Yesterday morning I was running some errands and was near an Anthropologie... of course I went in for a bit just to look around and be inspired!!

What caught my eye this time more than the springy fashions was the home decor.  I love the bohemian/French country/industrial look they have going on... I would love to pull it off in my living room, which desperately needs a unified decor scheme.

Of course the store has that whole thing going and it all fits in to the atmosphere there.  I can't do it all, but here are some of my fave looks:
I love all the throw pillows so much!  Time to pull out some random colorful scraps and make my own...

But I have more fave inspiration sources for home dec!  I used to be a Pottery Barn kind of girl, now I've shifted to the company's more modern line, West Elm.  I love how it's a balance between the funky/vintage-inspired Anthro-ey stuff and the super modern lines it had 10 years ago.


Modern, but with some retro touches!  Love the owl lamp.  Of course the loft lighting helps the products pop, as well...

For our August wedding we are registered at Crate and Barrel, as well as Macy's and Alternative Gift Registry, so sometime when I have time I should go through our registries again and add a few of their newer items; we stuck with basics when we registered a while ago since so much of their stuff changes seasonally.

But for the meantime, I'm all inspired to redo the living room, and I have to find the right balance between modern and funky.  Right now it's just got all the stuff from the old living room, which sort of bums me out.  New room, new paint, time for a new look!

So when I went to JoAnn's yesterday it was the last day of a great sale on quilting calicos.  I don't usually buy these, since I don't quilt and they're not very good for clothing.  But some of the prints are so adorable.  So with this patchwork Anthro pillow in my mind, I bought some 1/2 yard pieces, and I bought some bigger pieces for a new shower curtain possibilities:
While I like some of the natural shapes and colors, I obviously also still go for my fave Danish modern look.

I guess my style is a mix of IKEA, Anthro, and other sources...

Have you seen any smaller retailers I might not have checked out, or any creative Etsy stores that fit this description?  I could still use some pics of whole rooms with the hybrid look. Decorating is so fun!!


  1. Oh wow, I too love all the above photos! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your house! I'd love to go all vintage-y with our house, but not only is the style a little too modern for that, I don't think things would stay in their correct places with a 19-month-old running around; I have enough trouble keeping things tidy now as it is! Good luck with your venture! :)

  2. I've seen tutorials for the ruffle duvet cover and the petal pillow (next to the "love" one). I CAN NOT for the life of my find the right pillow tutorial though...I've found others, but there was one I had come across that was almost exactly the same...The gist was basically, iron wonderunder to a bunch of scraps and then cutting out lots and lots of petal shapes.

    Ruffle duvet-

    P.S. I love the cottons!

  3. ooooooooh, I love all the beds and that beautiful blue vase.

  4. Yeah, it is eye candy for sure. I have seen a tutorial for the flower pillow, too, although I'm pretty sure I can figure it out myself. Mmm, so pretty. I am in an Anthro mood today, too =)

  5. The fabrics you picked out are awesome, especially that baby blue! :)



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