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Glittery shoes: two tutorials!

If you loved the glittery blue flats in our Adventures with Sweetie Pie Bakery post yesterday...
Lucky you, she has just posted a tutorial!
If you're a ModPodge pan, be sure to also check out my tutorial for DIY Christian Louboutin glitter pumps!
You could totally do this with colored glitter, on flats that are easy to wear!  I recommend leather or fake leather shoes (fabric would be hard to do...).  Seriously, if you like the idea and haven't seen the tutorial check it out!

I like that these are smooth to the touch because the glitter is mixed in with the ModPodge, rather than sprinkled on top.  But maybe you want that extra 3-D sparkly punch!!

These projects remind me of stories of parents making the ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz for their little girls, before Target made them... ;)


  1. Oh I love all things sparkly! Those Louboutins are amazing!

  2. Thanks for posting that tutorial. I really love those shoes.

  3. How did they wear? I used ultra fine glitter and mod Podge glossy on a pair of doc marten boots and the first time I wore them they cracked and peeled. My 7th graders had a field day peeling them. I'm getting some Angelus Glitterlites paint to do them properly.



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