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Very cool peplum skirt!

So I've made some fun dresses for work recently, but I also cut out some skirts.  This one is made from the same lightweight, textured poly suiting I made a dress out of, which I think I paid $1.50/yard for.  It's a pretty shade of navy!

Always inspired by cute ModCloth skirts, I wanted a skirt with some interest around the hips/waist, so I loved New Look 6003 when I found it recently...
So many of the versions are cute!!

It's interesting because it doesn't have front darts.  It has darts in the back, but the front is smooth and curved.  It doesn't look quite as flat when you bend your knees as it does on the model, but I love the peplum!  The underside is a near-match shade of navy lining, which peeks out under the ruffles!
The peplum curves nicely over the hips, in the back, too!
So, another fun piece to wear to work.  I think it'll work for late winter and even spring/summer, if I do some resort wear colors with it for early spring--coral?  Classic white or ivory, maybe with a pretty, springy green?  Also, I hate to cover up the waistband and peplum so I think I'll have to tuck things into it, which limits my choices a little.  Blouse, sweater, top?  What do you think?

Also wanted to give an update on the dress I made the other day.  I loooooved your suggestions!!  So many great color combinations I hadn't thought of, and even things to wear under and over it!  I love the big belted scarf idea, and the puffed-sleeve blouse.  I didn't go too adventurous but wasn't as plain as just a black blazer over when I wore it to work yesterday.  Here's what I ended up doing:
Beautiful teal-ey, marine-ey blue J.Crew wool cardigan, long gold necklaces, and gold snakeskin belt.  And fabulous black booties and black tights... not pictured!

Thanks again for your ideas.  I love hearing them!


  1. I love your skirt. It reminds me of last year's anthropologie "Honeyed Peplum Skirt". I really love your color combo with the cardigan and dress.

  2. Ashley2/24/2011

    I love your blog and I am so glad you have kept it up after starting a full time job. I tend to think about projects a lot more than actually do them, which has it's own pleasures, but you have inspired me to start turning my thoughts into reality. I love how you begin with inspiration from your favorite stores and designers and then do your own version - for me, it takes away the most intimidating part of making my own clothes, which is coming up with the idea in the first place. Anyway, I find your blog really exciting, and thank you so much!

  3. Awesome!
    My past attempts at making clothing for myself have really not gone well, and projects I've started sometimes sit unfinished for a while...Your projects make me want to keep trying!
    Actually, with your inspiration, I actually made a pencil skirt that I am wearing at work today! This is the first garment I've made that I actually don't feel self conscious about wearing outside of my apartment. Funny, but true.

  4. Great skirt. I love the sewn version on the pattern jacket too.

  5. The dress with the sweater is wonderful. I love dresses because you can put them on quickly and skip the picking of a top and a bottom.

  6. Anonymous2/25/2011

    Very cute! I have the peplum skirt pattern, but I admit I was a bit worried about all that volume. Yours is so cute, I may have to make it now!

  7. Great skirt and love the new combo with your dress!

  8. Anonymous2/25/2011

    Great skirt!! Also, I love how you styled the dress too - it is fun to see how you decide to wear your creations!! Hope your new job is going well!

  9. Thanks, everyone!!
    I am sooooo happy to hear you are inspired by some of my projects on my blog, and hope we will all keep sewing and loving what we make! Thanks for the feedback! And thanks for reading, you all are the best.
    And the job is going great, thanks! =)

  10. I love peplums....this skirt is super cute!!

  11. Very cute! I think you would like this pattern:


    you know I'm a burda girl ;)

  12. Ooh, very cute skirt, love it! :)

  13. I love this skirt!! Nice work. I've seen a lot of peplum-ized garmants lately, but this is my favorite by far. I might need to pick up the pattern.

  14. im your newest follower :p im just wondering.. do you have trouble selecting fabric for patterns?

    Im useless at it!



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