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American Sewing Guild workshop!

Yesterday I was so happy to meet one of my followers and sponsors, Cheryl Kuczek of Paradiso Designs, at the Portland Chapter of the American Sewing Guild's meeting/workshop, where she presented and then taught about sewing purses and other lovely items from her patterns and particularly using high quality pleather for the handles (she is one of the only pattern/purse designers out there that does this).  You may remember Cheryl as the designer of such great patterns as the Okashi Bag and the Lolita Simple Skirt Formula.

It was so fun to meet Cheryl (I helped her out at her booth and helped her sell patterns, tools, materials, and pretty things) and see an American Sewing Guild meeting--basically, a bunch of ladies that love to sew getting together to learn something new!  In the morning they heard Cheryl present, then bought Paradiso Designs materials and had lunch and then in the afternoon they all pulled out their sewing machines and sewed with Cheryl's guidance!  If you like the look of her patterns and want to start making purses or other accessories, be sure to check out her awesomely easy-to-follow patterns, or take her classes if you're in the Seattle area!

Here I am with Cheryl at her booth:
When she introduced me as Suzannah of Adventures in Dressmaking, I heard several people say, "Oh, I read that blog..."--so great to meet some readers, too!

Do you participate in ASG events where you live?  What's your favorite part of it?


  1. Oh I'm sad to have missed this! How does one become involved?

  2. sue in fl2/07/2011

    I belong to the Space Coast Chapter of ASG in Brevard Co. Florida. We have several neighborhood groups and the chapter is very active with monthly programs in addition - sometimes with national teachers, sometimes our own members offer programs, and sometimes we travel to shops or museums. We do lots and lots of community service and lots and lots of sharing and socializing. It's great motivation to improve our own sewing and share our knowledge and meet up with our special friends.

  3. That sounds great, @Sue! What an active group.

    @Miss Tami Lee, I'm not a member so I don't know for sure, but I guess just find your local group on the website and contact them! It would be fun to get some extra inspiration and motivation from other sewists...

  4. It was great to meet you Suzannah, Saturday at the ASG meeting. Our website is www.columbiariversewing.org. Check us out and please bring all your sewing friends. The national site for the American Sewing Guild is www.asg.org
    There are lots of groups, quarterly meetings and special events locally. Or you can start your own group. Also discounts from local retailers. :)

  5. Thanks for coming by, @karen! It was great meeting you and all your lovely members on Saturday.



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