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A late Christmas present

Remember when I made that awesome infinity scarf out of a 100% angora sweater?  I felt so cool and crafty and eco-friendly!  And I love that scarf.  Anyway I made another one for my sister-in-law who visited shortly after Christmas.  She reads my blog and gives me nice compliments about the things I make =).  Thanks, Darcy!

Here's the before of the sweater I made it out of:
And I used the technique I explained in the tutorial here, and turned it into this:
She wears it well!  Trust me, these "infinity" scarves rock--so comfy and cozy and easy to wear.  Try it!


  1. Anonymous1/13/2011

    What a great present! I love those scarfs! I am gonna try and make one next winter :)

  2. Gorgeous! Such a pretty colour too!

  3. What an innovative way to bring life into old boring sweaters that nobody wants to wear anymore! I would have never guessed that this was something you could make out of a sweater. Great job! Now if only I could find a way to spruce up my vintage shower.



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