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Weird-o party skirt restyling

There are tons of holiday sales right now, of course, and while at the mall recently I wandered into Charlotte Russe and bought this jacquard bubble-ey skirt off the $5 rack.  It is cool fabric, quite reminiscent of some ModCloth and Anthropologie ones, but shaped almost like a circle!!  It looks weird laying flat, but trust me, that's how it looked on, too!
My cheapie skirt before alterations:
You've seen jacquard skirts here and there other places, too, I'm sure.  Fun for festive party looks!

Anyway I just took in the side seams from just below the waistband to just above the hem, so I didn't have to disturb any of the other construction of the skirt.
It ended up making the pockets smaller, but it's not like I need to put huge things in them--my hands still fit.  And it made the skirt still sort of bubbly (narrower at the hem), but in the way lots of cute tapered skirts are.
(Still don't know what I'm wearing tonight for New Year's festivities... could I wear this with a cute top?  Separates are hard... what are you wearing?)


  1. You've totally got to rock the skirt for new years! Just pair it with a simple solid top, or maybe something with a little ruffle :D

  2. I think it would look really cute and chic with a simple black top tucked into it. And add a cute belt! :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. A cute black top and black tights would totally set that skirt off! I'll be wearing my jammies tonight as I am not going to any holiday party.

  4. Much better after. I'm wearing my pj's and staying home :)

  5. Wat at nice fabric!

    A black top and goldy jewelly and you are ready to party!

  6. Definitely Black Top, black tights and golden/copper-ish accessoires.. :)

  7. This is great - I tried this skirt on a few months ago and almost bought it! lol



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