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Lace-embellished tee Tutorial!

A few days ago a reader asked me to check out this cute tee from ModCloth.
The crocheted cotton trim is cute and easy to do at home!  I went through my t-shirt drawer to see if I had any shirts that would be good candidates for this kind of makeover.  I didn't, really, but I pulled out the closest thing I had and was willing to embellish.
I'm sure you have a tee you can do this to, too!  Pull it out and get ready for the tutorial!

  • Bring out your trims... depending on the shape you want, you'll only need a little bit so scraps are perfect!

  •  Arrange the trims in the shape you want.  Try different things out!

That last one is the one I'm going with!
  • So, to do a horizontal line of trim on your t-shirt, follow these tips.  Find the spot where you want the trim to be on one side, and mark it with a fabric pen or a straight pin.  Fold the tee in half over the center front at the neckline, matching your sleeve seams, and mark the same place on the other side.

  •  Draw a straight line from point to point.

  • Now, using sharp and pointy thread snips, pick out the serging and/or stitching at the armhole below the line.

  • Pin the trim on following your straight line.

  • Sew it down using your machine.  Careful; the tee shirt tends to stretch more than the trim as you sew, so make sure you pin every few inches!

  •  I sewed across my wide lace at the top, bottom, and middle.  Five rows of stitching!

  • Once you've applied the trim, carefully sew your armhole seam back up!  Try to match the original seam so it doesn't pull wrong.  It'll feel like a very small seam allowance.

  •  Trim off excess trim inside the seam.

  • Wear and enjoy!

I will have to try this again with another tee and more trims!  I'm happy to see lace-embellished tees in the stores and magazines this season, since they are a little easier to do than self-fabric ruffled ones, or ones that take manipulating fabrics and cutting off sleeves!  They're fun, too, but these are faster!


  1. Dah! So cute!!! And so very do-able!


  2. Cute, I like how you showed your thought process with all of the different options!

  3. I have a folder for my bookmarks titled "Embellished Tops." This entry just got put in there. Nice job!

  4. This is a must-do - so quick and easy, and very cute!

  5. I like it. I agree. This does seem much easier.

  6. Anonymous11/11/2010

    I love the final layout you chose. I need a trim stash!

  7. I have inherit a lot of lace from my mother. Now I know what to do! Thanks.

  8. Good tutorial! I have an idea for a tutorial from a lace-embellished Athro tank, I just have to get to the store sometime!

  9. such a great idea! I can't wait to try this

  10. Anonymous11/12/2010

    So, so cute! I like all the options you tried. I would make all of them! Thanks for sharing :)

    Maria from:

    My current hobby!

  11. The T-shirt looks so cute! Well done!

  12. I just thought I'd let ya know I tried it!


    It was SUPER fast, and it looks great! I linked back to your tutorial. Thanks for the inspiration!! :)



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