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A wearable fall plaid cape!

Cape--the word brings to mind medieval fairs and fairy tales.  But, capes are kind of in again, and I had some vintage wool lying around but didn't feel like doing another coat.  I have enough coats.  So I pulled out the nice (Pendleton!) wool piece and thought about doing a cape... lovely.

Turns out there are cape patterns out there--I used McCall's M5764.
I had fun with the buttons and everything.  I love plaid!  And wool, and this cape is super cozy.
I guess when it's short it's technically a capelet.  It's fairly full through the arms, but not too full, and I don't feel like I've just come from a Renaissance fair when wearing it.  It would be great with a scarf, too!


  1. It looks so cute! I love the fabric you used.

  2. Looks fantastic- I love the plaid!

  3. Anonymous10/29/2010

    So cute! I love capes and capelets! I have a knitted one and a crocheted one. I might have to trying sewing one next ;)

    Maria from:

    My currenthobby!

  4. A cape is one of my next projects! It's funny because I was going to get the pattern you used during JoAnn's 99 cents (I just realized my keyboard doesn't have a cents symbol), but then I remembered I had this one:


    So I am just going to alter it a bit, and add a removable hood.

    Love the fabric and as always wonderful job!

  5. I used this same pattern a few weeks ago. I made the version without the belt. I am regretting it. I think I'll add the belt. I feel bell shaped without the belt. I used a soft brown micro-corduroy. I like it in the plaid, hmmm....maybe I need another cape. :D

  6. I love that. It is so pretty!! A cape is on my todo list for winter.

  7. i have this pattern and i think i really should make it after seeing how nicely yours turned out.

  8. That's really cute!

  9. It looks super cute! and the wool... loved to make one myself, but unfortunatly i'm allergic to wool. So unless I wear it with a sweater that covers the neck and arms, it's a no-go for me :(
    But really, really lovely!

  10. Wow, this is so cute! Now I want to make a cape!!

  11. I clicked on this one right away in my blog roll because I thought - cape, oh no, I have never seen a wearable cape, but she does such great work, gotta check it out - but this is very wearable!!! Amazing job! Very, very cute.

  12. I'm not really a cape person either but I love this one - the belt adds a little definition around the waist. You've made me rethink capes.

  13. I just bought that same pattern because of the CUTE cape at Anthro this fall!

    Can't wait to make it and hope mine turns out as lovely as yours.

  14. I wish I had the style to pull off a cape. You look great.

  15. Shannon10/30/2010

    Love the cape. I used this same pattern to make one in black and white. White cape, black belt and black collar. I love it!

  16. Christine10/30/2010

    This cape is so beautiful! You really have an eye for design and the skills to make your ideas become reality.
    I've been wanting to make a cape for a while now because I've heard they are so warm and I will definitely have to try now =D

  17. Oh nice! I like this alot!!


  18. Ahh!!!
    Ok, so I went out and bought fabric and lining for this cape - I was SO inspired by yours! But then when I got the pattern, to my dismay it is UNLINED! Daahhh!! It's friggen wool, c'mon!!

    See my fabric choices on my Flickr - EmmylouLily

    Do you have any recommendations for how I could go about lining this? Especially since I want to do the belted version? I shudder just thinking of those belt holes....

    Any tips or direction would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks Suzannah! You are fabulous!

  19. Thanks, everyone!
    @Sarah, you can totally line this cape; it will be much nicer for it! I'd cut out the front and back pieces, but not the collar, and cut them 1-2" shorter than the fashion fabric. Sew them together and hem, then put them inside the cape, matching your sideseams. Finish by hiding the raw edge in the front under the placket. Actually, you may want to cut a facing of the plaid unless you don't mind the lining showing in the center front. You'll have to trace the front pieces and cut a strip 3" or so wide, then sew onto lining. Make sense?

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Makes total sense, thank you!

    I think I'll have to tackle it now! I suppose I'll just figure out the belt holes when I get to them! Ahh... Love a good challenge.

    Thanks again for the advice and inspiration!

  22. Anonymous11/06/2010

    yours looks great! ive been working on this for so long but it is so hard for me!
    Is interfacing necessary? can you explain how to form the opening for the belt? it is so confusing! thank you so much if you can help me!

  23. Wow, nice! I've just discovered your blog, and you're very talented! This cape looks great...

  24. Hi ! gorgeous cape ! Do you have anymore of that wool? I would love to buy whatever you have left. I am co-owner of Heavens to Betsy Wool Co. and would love to have that wool re-milled. my Email is erica@heavens-to-betsy.com



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