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Packing for Florida in the fall--help!

I'm leaving bright and early Thursday morning for Orlando, FL.  One of my cousins is getting married at a big resort near Disney World, and my mom, my fiance and I are going for the weekend.  I'm really looking forward to it, but have no idea what to expect--I've been to Florida before, but in May, when it was grey and humid.  Checking the weather forecast, it should be beautiful this weekend when we go to Disney World, the water park at the resort, and the wedding stuff Saturday night and brunch Sunday.  I noticed when I mentioned the upcoming trip in my summer-winter wardrobe switch post, I have a lot of readers in Florida!  I'm sure you can help me...

It's supposed to be in the upper 80's and mostly sunny.  What does that mean?  Is it still humid?  Will I be able to straighten my hair and leave the hotel? ;)

I want to dress for fall, which means I hope to pack fall colors and plaids and things in short styles.  And, jeans, right?  I'm planning on jeans/tee/sweater at the airport, dress at Disney World, ????? hanging around the resort Saturday, formal dress and heels at the wedding, and cute dress I still need to make at brunch Sunday.  What do you think?

I'm still a little lost and confused.  I went to People StyleWatch online to look for inspiration (did you know they have a "stars at the airport" gallery?)--I figured, where better to look for warm weather fall fashion looks than LA?  Here are a few looks I'm thinking about:
Cute, short dresses in fall-appropriate colors:
Shorts or skirts with boots:
Lightweight, fall-ey jackets:
And here are some of my fave airport looks--comfy, neutral, good for fall no matter the weather:
Hm.  It must be all about the accessories.

I would love your thoughts and tips about Florida weather, looking cute and packing light!


  1. the humidity has mostly disappeared thankfully so straightening hair should be ok. May want to reinforce it a bit with hair products. Dress attire: I'd go with simple layers. If you're in the sun, it will get warm. A light sweater/jacket is great if sitting under the shade or outside during the evening time. Orlando is one of the most casually dressed cities in Fl mostly due to the flip-flop/cargo shorts/t-shirt tourists who seek the Mickey Mouse entertainment. Many people go to top-rated restaurants in these outfits as well unless there is a dress code. have fun and enjoy the weather. It is a great time of year to visit!

  2. Aww! I live in Orlando, Fl! If you have any time, check out the designsponge.com trip guide to Orlando. There are tons of cute places to visit!

    And it's still pretty hot here! Jeans are okay for at night, but kinda uncomfortable during the day. I've been wearing leggings and cute tunics a lot to work. But with gladiator style flip flops. It's definitely not cold enough for boots or scarves yet! And you shouldn't need a jacket heavier than a cardigan. Dresses during the day would be perfect. I always wear a cute sundress to the parks.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip to Orlando!

  3. We're heading out there in November and what to wear is definately my concern, especially since I need to wear sneakers for my back. What the heck goes with sneakers that I can wear in 80* weather and not look frumpy?! lol...I love that blue dress that Reese Witherspoon is wearing.

  4. As Alyssa said, it is still pretty warm here. And, while the humidity has eased up some, you never know when it might return. Lightweight shawls or pashminas can be nice for evening wraps if you need something dressier than a cardigan.

    The main thing to consider when dressing for the theme parks is comfort. You will do a LOT of walking and a LOT of standing in lines so keep that in mind. A sundress will work, although be sure to use some good sunscreen, with a high SPF. The Florida sun is hotter and brighter than in other parts of the country. And, since you will be climbing in and out of various ride-mobiles, you might want to have it a bit on the longer side.

    Have a wonderful time here!

  5. I live in Houston but the humidity is the same as Florida. Dresses and a lightweight jacket would work. Boots are ok but may be uncomfortable during the day, same for jeans. Enjoy yourself!

  6. How exciting you're going to Disney! I'm getting married there in May. I get cold easily, so when my fiance and I go, one of us always carries a messenger bag to keep a hoodie in for me. You can probably wear shorts or skirts, but the indoor parts of line waiting can get chilly. Some rides you definitely HAVE to try: Toy Story (in Hollywood Studios) and Soarin' (in EPCOT). You'll need to get FastPasses for both. Tell us all about it!

    P.S. Super loved your engagement shoot pics. We haven't done one (yet?) because I recently broke my foot and were too busy being beach bums over the summer. Now I don't know what we're going to do and when...

  7. It is definitely still hot in this area. I feel that the humidity comes and goes, so I would say prepare for either as far as your hair is concerned. Gwens advice about carrying a messenger bag with some type of outer wear (sweater, light weight jacket, etc) is a good one. If you wear a light weight jacket, be sure that you are wearing something that you would be comfortable wearing without the jacket, because it really is hot in the afternoon.

  8. Super Cute Outfits!(: Hope You Have Fun In Orlando!

  9. Sadly, you won't need a jacket yet. (I'm near Tampa 1 hour from Orlando) It's still so warm here, although at night it gets down to 65... chilly for us!

  10. I know this is an old post but you now have a new Florida reader! Hubby and I just moved to Miami two months ago and you're so right about needing short clothing items for the day and thin layers. I'm a central California native so I'm still dying a bit from the heat/humidity! I super-love that little blue dress that Reese is wearing in the first photo...everything she wears for non-red carpet events, I need in my closet! Such a great blog.

    1. Cool, welcome and thanks for reading! The climate there would be much wetter than central CA, I bet! That's quite a move!



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