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New at Anthropologie this fall

It's official; it's fall.  I know, I know, but I've been in total denial since we didn't get enough summer, and I much prefer the warm weather.  But today I woke up to lovely rain (which has now switched to rain--whatever, Oregon!), and decided to accept the change of seasons.  Believe it or not, I have not been to the Anthropologie website in months.  They got in their fall merchandise in August!  When I was still picking blueberries and planning camping trips to the beach!  Anyway, now I have popped over to Anthropologie and looked at the new stuff!  I'm beginning to get excited for plaid and soft taupe.  Mmm.
Mmm, cozy and cute!  Loving Anthro and J.Crew as usual, of course, but I've also seen some cute things at various shops around the mall.
What great looks have you found recently for fall?


  1. I am always inspired by anthropologie. I just wish I was a more accomplished seamstress when it comes to knocking off their clothing. That is why I find blogs like yours so invaluable because I need step by step instructions, and you provide them very well.

    I am also inspired by modcloth and jcrew.

  2. Anna Allen of Wildflowers::pretty has a decent list of affordable trends this fall. Mostly from LL Bean and Land's End. (She's also a brilliant seamstress/designer). The post is here: http://gracefullady.blogspot.com/2010/10/wardrobe-basics.html

    Simple, sturdy looks.

  3. I find some of these garments to be completely boring and matronly whilst others are fabulous.

  4. I love the shoes and the dress and....everything!

  5. Anonymous10/11/2010

    I the the two embellished sweaters. I saw both of those a little while ago and since have been thinking about embellishing some sweaters I found at goodwill.

  6. I'm glad full skirts are back!

  7. Anonymous10/12/2010

    i love the jackets and that black cardigan! boy i wish i had money to burn.

  8. What's the blue one with the draped collar called?

    1. Good question--I had NO idea either so I did some Google images searching. It is the Switching Sides Sweater and it came in several colors--that's the Sky color. It's by Moth. Here are some more details on it! http://behindthedressingroomdoor.blogspot.com/2010/11/anthropologie-product-reviews-round-1.html.



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