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Fab new sponsor! CassieArt belts with a discount for readers

So excited today to announce a lovely new sponsor, Cassie Stephens from CassieArt belts, some of the most amazing handcrafted Etsy goodies I've ever seen!
Cassie shapes, imprints, glazes, and fires these sturdy but stylish belt buckles herself, and sews the cute fabric belts that go with them.
Here's Cassie's welcoming message to you:
My name is Cassie and I've been living and working in the Nashville area for 13 years. I currently teach art to elementary age students and I laugh with them and at myself daily -- usually multiple times a day! I have always been interested in vintage fashion and a couple years back, wanted some belts to compliment some of my vintage attire. When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I decided to create my own. I began by rolling some clay in different textures: vintage lace, burlap, doilies and experimenting with glazing techniques. My artistic training is in painting, not ceramics, so I bring a lot of my ideas about color and design to my buckles. From there, I began to pair the buckles with my mammoth (mostly vintage) fabric collection. These days, I'm experimenting with reversible belts (which can be worn 4 different ways!), belts with vintage lace overlay, even adding vintage embroidery to the belts. I also do customized orders, which are my favorite. It is always fun to meet new creative people!
Cassie is generously offering a 20% discount to Adventures in Dressmaking readers in her Etsy shop!  Just mention you read my blog when you order and she'll take 20% off your purchase--just a reminder that Christmas is coming up, and she does custom orders as well!!  Wouldn't you like to prance around in, or give as a gift, one of these lovely belts?
Those last two can be worn four ways; they're super-reversible!
And all the CassieArt belts come in pretty packages...

Just for fun, and to remind you all about the 20% discount for readers of this blog, thought I'd do a little outfit post about how I like to wear CassieArt belts... a couple different outfits, different ideas!
With an open, long cardi...
With a preppy blouse...

With a soft, cozy grandpa cardigan...
 It even goes with the ruffled collar dress I just made!
Would look great with a vintage dress or sweater, too!
Hope you all check out CassieArt belts and have fun shopping around.  Don't forget that 20% shop discount when you mention my blog!


  1. Those belts are soo cute!!

    P.S. LOVED your anthro look-alike shower curtain. You've got talent!

  2. I just won one of these belts and am anxiously awaiting its arrival to spruce up some outfits.

  3. These belts are sooo whimsical...love, love, love! And I loved going through all your back posts (new follower) I recently started blogging about things I wear, built or alter and have had a hard time coming across blogs featuring clothing items as well as crafts! Yours is a great one!



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