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Clothes in action--Florida!

I was gone Thursday through Sunday on a fun trip to Orlando, Florida, where my cousin got married and my mom, fiancé, and I had a little mini-vacation!

On Friday, we went to some great outlet malls, and then Downtown Disney:

I wore the fall Anthro-ey dress to walk around and sightsee:

And then we went out to Celebration, the perfect New Urbanist-ey town that Disney built, for dinner.  There's a cute little lake in the center of town.

On Saturday before the wedding, we loooooved the lazy river at the hotel:

Here's the navy ruffle dress (shortened) as a pool cover-up!

Here's my mom and me in our finery before the wedding:

And here are some true action shots of the pink dress--dancing!

And here's me and my fiancé with my always-glamorous grandma:

The day after the wedding, we just got to hang around by the hotel!

Here's almost the whole family on my mom's side:

The lovely hotel...

It was a great trip!  But now I'm back to chilly mornings and ankle boots with hiking socks.  Hope you all had a great weekend wherever you are!


  1. I am SOOO jealous of your sewing skills (and bravery)! Maybe someday I, too, can tackle a dress...

  2. You look lovely in all your outfits!!!

  3. Anonymous10/26/2010

    All the dresses are great! I wish I can make one soon :)

    Maria from:

  4. You look so lovely in your pink dress!

  5. They all look great, but the pink was just fabulous! BTW, you look so lovely with your hair pulled back all the way. Very flattering for you!

  6. The pink dress looks fantastic!

  7. Anonymous10/27/2010

    Oh, super great pink dress. I was at that downtown disney balloon a few weeks ago. I hope you enjoyed Florida. All seem like a nice choice of clothing. I hope you enjoyed the nice weather, because right now it's warming up again (lows in 70's, come on!).


  8. Anonymous10/29/2010

    The pink dress is so amazing. How did you learn to sew? I'm 35 yo and I am about to embark in the journey of dressmaking next month (meaning am about to attend my 1st class). I don't know if it's too late for me to start but anyway I love fashion and I am willing to give it a try. The blog that you put up inspired me. Thank you.

  9. Thanks, everyone!
    @Anonymous, I learned to sew gradually, "at my mother's knee" and sewed under her supervision until college, when I was finally able to do things on my own. No, it's not too late for you to start!! It can be really fun if you're excited about the projects you're doing, and you can absolutely do it! I'm so glad my blog has inspired you =)

  10. You looked gorgeous, especially in that pink dress. And I must say, good looks run in your family. Both your mom and your grandma look fabulous.



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