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Awesome guest tutorial: Anthro-pretty necklace by Mary Ann

I'm happy to present a great tutorial from a lovely blogger, Mary Ann of The Dapper Bun and Made by Mary Ann.  I stumbled across her blog a while ago and loved her tutorials so much!  Check out some of the fun things she's made...
Love the Christian Louboutin-inspired pumps with chiffon floofies she made:

 Plus some super cute headbands!
 Today I'm happy to share with you a tutorial for this lovely necklace...
Let's go to the tutorial!!

This necklace consists of velvet ribbon I recently purchased and little bits and pieces from a craft box that belonged to my grandmother.  I've gone through this box multiple times, but haven't found a use for any of the contents, until today! ;-)

Ribbon (apprx. a yard or so, I used less)
Random bits of chain (I used old eye-glasses chains)
Random connector bits (I used these old brass filigree things)
Some jump rings
Step 1
Gather supplies.

Step 2
The pearl chain was in bits and pieces, so I connected them together with pliers.

Step 3
Connect chains to filigree (I used old jump rings from leftover parts from that craft box).

Step 4
Loop ribbon onto other filigree.

Step 5
Tie other ends of ribbon onto the first filigree.

Step 6
I decided I wanted to add another filigree, so I undid the chain jump rings, and added on a new connector with another jump ring.

Step 7
I redid Step 3.

Step 8
Connect other ends of chain to other filigree, varying the lengths.

And that's it!  Made from all repurposed supplies, I didn't have to buy anything at the store!

Isn't it pretty?  I don't do much jewelry-making, myself, so I loved that Mary Ann made it look so easy and fun!
Do check out her fashion blog, The Dapper Bun, and some of her other tutorials!


  1. Woaaawww! Wonderful necklace ;D

  2. I should have told you I featured you last week!


    There's the link. You have a great blog.


  3. very beautiful and elegant! love it! Thanks for posting this!



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