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Before & After: Dresser makeover!

With moving and everything, our needs for storage have changed a lot and I've been on the lookout for cute dressers and other things to store clothes, linens, etc.  I found this dresser at Goodwill Outlet for $15 and took it home for my bedroom.
It had quite a few chipped places, and I didn't like the color...
I washed it down with TSP to prep it for a new coat of paint.  I had a quart of high-gloss burnt orange paint that someone had given us, so I figured, why not see how that looks?
It ended up taking several coats of paint... like, 6.  Luckily the paint dried really, really quickly, so I was able to do a few coats a day.
I don't like the way painted furniture looks with brush strokes, so I used a small memory foam-type roller to put the paint on everywhere except around the handles where the roller couldn't reach.  There, I used a small brush and then a foam dauber to get rid of the brush strokes.
Ta-da!  I don't looove the color, but I added some pretty birthday gift flowers from a friend's garden and my vintage aqua jewelry box, and it's looking better...

We haven't painted the bedroom yet, so I don't know what it'll look like for sure when we're done, but it works for now, too.  Although I did put on the last spot-touch-up coat shortly before getting dressed this morning, and so of course I had to get my jeans out of the bottom drawer veeeeery carefully!!  Haha.
Furniture painting is so easy and makes such a big difference!  Have any of you done any great furniture piece makeover projects recently??


  1. Nice work!
    A layer or 2 of white before the new colour helps hide the old one too :)

  2. I have the same vintage jewelry box!! It was a gift from my BFF and it needs re-doing (the paper covering is peeling away) but the inside is beautiful. I love it!

  3. The accessories really compliment the color you chose. It seems very soothing! We just got a new shelf from Ikea and I think the accessories really made the different.

  4. Very nice! I would have never chosen that color, but it looks so well put together with all of your lovely accessories. Keep the ideas coming... I recently moved too :)

  5. Great job! This makes me want to go look for cheap furniture to spruce up.

    Just Better Together

  6. you have done a great job on a not (IMHO) very inspiring piece. Looks like there is lots of storage.

  7. My husband and I just moved to Portland about a month ago, and I've been following your blog for a bit. I love it and your creative ideas! We did some furniture re-dos when we first moved into our new place: http://apearledlife.blogspot.com/2010/08/keeping-busy.html

  8. The color looks pretty awesome when you have those fun accessories on the dresser! Very cute!

  9. Lovely! To re-use old things is to love them (and the environment). Who doesn´t want a long life?
    My son is moving out so I´m taking över his room. It will be my study. Some old things will be re-used.... :-)

  10. Anonymous9/10/2010

    If I had that lovely piece, I'd have to paint the pulls/handles a contrasting color. Or even replace them with something funky! My kitchen cabinets were the same burnt orange with off-white trim. I don't know why the previous owners of the house painted them that color, but the off white helped a lot!!

  11. That orange looks great with that teal box on top. Nice job on the paint. It looks very smooth in the photos.

  12. I have that same jewelry box - it was my grandmother's :) Unfortunately it suffered a bit during my last move (overseas) and part of the top looks rat-eaten. But it's on top of my dresser, still being used.

  13. Great job. Thumbs up. It really looks new after re furnishing it. :)

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