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Good morning from the new house

Over the weekend we have been moving from our little apartment to a little bungalow 30 minutes away.  The weekend has been busy and stressful, and we are still not done (have to clean the old place today), but I'm happy to report that I'm writing to you now from the new house, after having spent our first night here last night!
I have mixed feelings about moving (I guess I don't like change), but I am so excited to have a place we can paint, decorate, and improve in other ways.
We had the sort of smart, sort of insane idea of painting the rooms we want painted before we move the stuff in, so we won't have to worry about pushing stuff around and maybe splattering it with paint.  But now all we have is several rooms with one thick but not complete coat of paint on the broad strokes, with unpainted edges at the top, bottom and sides.  And we ran out of the two paint colors we've used most so far--so, yet another trip to the paint store.  This is like the third time in four days.  Oh, well.
I am happy to say that, although there are boxes here and there, my sewing room is pretty much already set up!  We moved my sewing desk in and I put my machine on it, and voila, it's just like it used to be!  Except with better lighting.  I will be busy in the next few days but I hope to get some sewing done very soon.
Wish I had pics for you or something, but it is such a work in progress right now!  I will get back to you with photos and updates soon.
Thanks for bearing with me during this crazy, stressful time!


  1. Congrats on the move! Remember, change is good :)

    natasha @ twenty-something blog

  2. Good luck with all the unpacking, organizing, etc...and all the fun stuff including decorating and making your new place HOME.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your new projects, which will no doubt be generated by this new living space.

  4. Glad your move went well! Moving is so bittersweet. Good luck finishing your painting.

  5. Good luck on painting and unpacking! Moving is always so stressful, especially when you're looking for something and can't remember where you packed it! :)

  6. My partner and I just moved into a bungalow this past weekend too! We've been working away at unpacking, painting, and cleaning. Say, you're not planning on making Roman shades for your new place and posting the "how to" on your blog, are you? Hint hint.

  7. (Oh and congrats on your move!!)

  8. good for you....a move is always stressful...keep up the good work

  9. Moving has its stressful side, but it feels so good when you start decorating the new place. Have fun!

  10. Thank you all so much for your kind words! I have been really discouraged about this move, glad to hear you all know how much moving sucks!
    And @Andy, maybe I should do a roman shade tutorial... I have made them before but haven't blogged about it!

  11. Congrats! Even fun stuf can be stressful...

  12. Anonymous9/01/2010

    Congrats on the new space! I just moved into a new house not too long ago too... I'm still working on getting my sewing space organized but I have to admit, I love decorating a new space!

  13. Congrats on your new place! We moved into a house a few years ago and it has been such an amazing transformation to start with a blank palette. You can create wonders with paint, trim and a few other accessories. Of course, this does distract from sewing time unless you're making pillows, curtains & slipcovers! ;)



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