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I believe you can love your home just the way it is, AND have the power to design and make big changes to make it better.
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New URL and a question for bloggers

Well, the good news is, I now blog at www.adventuresindressmaking.com!
You will be redirected if you use the blogspot address, but mark your blogrolls with http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com if you have me on them (thanks if you do!)!
I'm still using blogger and everything else is staying the same, although I now own this domain and it should be easier to type me into your URL bar if you want to check up on me out of the blue (again, thanks so much!) =)
Unfortunately, I've noticed one little problem in this switch of domains.  On my right sidebar, I have a list of links I call "More Inspiration."  I use this list religiously, since I imported "blogs I'm following" onto it--I made the mistake early on of following blogs with Blogger rather than Google Friend Connect, and Blogger only allows you to follow 300 blogs (this is stupid, but what am I gonna do).  So, once I filled up the 300, I started adding the blogs I wanted to watch to my "More Inspiration" blog list on the sidebar, with the "add by URL" feature.  I had over 500 total there, including my official 300!  Now that I have switched domains, for some reason the blog list widget has reset itself--it was still there, with the title I gave it, but there were no blogs listed and I had to edit it to list "blogs I'm following" again.  So I have the 300 I follow, but the other 200 are only available to see on the blog list when I use my blogspot address!  Anyone know how to fix this?

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