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Mumu turned sundress--not as bad as it sounds

Trust me, it's not as bad as it sounds.  I've been seeing a lot of cute retro-ey prints, simple dark colors with little roses or whatever, made into trendy and current sundresses. To me they look sooo 90's and kind of boring, unless they look like what I call "First season of Friends dresses," but with the right natural waistline and cute details, they can be really nice.

From ModCloth:

And some similar ideas from Anthro:

So when I saw this mumu at Goodwill Outlet, I thought it had potential!

It's almost vintage itself... no serging, little faded, vintage typeface on "Made in Hawaii" tag...

I'm not 100% sold on the print, or the retro 80s/90s print dress thing anyway, but I figured it was worth a shot when I spend $1.19/lb to buy the mumu that was my fabric.  I had a vintage early 1980s Butterick pattern that was a simple dress look that I thought might work, so I added some elastic thread ruching at the waist and will not wear feathered hair with it to update the look.  But I cut up the mumu and turned it into this!

It's an almost 100% recycled dress, since I did buy new navy buttons, the cheap kind on the card of 6.  I thought about using red but didn't have a fabric swatch with me to match the color... kind of wish I had anyway, though, to make them pop.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a tutorial on how I like to cut apart old vintage pieces and make them into dresses, like my pants-dress, men's shirt-dress and this mumu-dress!


  1. this is great! i love the first dress in the sequence, very pretty... i have a few mumu's from second hand that would appreciate a clean up for this hot summer weather.


  2. wow, thats amazing! you really make me think twice when ever I visit goodwill now =)

  3. It is a lot better than it sounds. Lots of inspiration in this post as well!

  4. "First season of Friends dresses" - I totally know what you mean! The dress you made is really cute, and I think the blue buttons look better than the red would have looked!

  5. Oooh I love thrift store re-do's, it's kind of my obsession! This turned out really great. How did you cinch the waist? Is that shirred? Thanks for sharing!! :)

  6. Your dress looks so cute, looks like a perfect summer dress.

  7. Anonymous7/13/2010

    Love your dress! Yeah, those small florals remind me of the 90s too - I wore many a babydoll dress with my Doc Martens in similar prints! I am actual using a dark floral on a dress right now, but it's just a test dress anyway, so if I feel too much like Phoebe I can give it away!

  8. Good work! I think the print is fantastic!

  9. Aww you should have kept the white neckline and the ruffle, so adorable! It's still a cute dress though

  10. Thanks!
    Bethany, yeah, it's just shirring with elastic thread.

  11. That's actually really cute! Even now, I still look back on early friends and think how cute Rachel's clothes are. Great job!


  12. gorgeous! I actually kind of like the mumu, but you definitely improved it.



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